Siding Patterns To Style Your Home Façade

Siding is a façade type which is used to cover the exterior surface of the house, similar to wall cladding and you can see a visual at this link. Its function is to cover the walls and provide protection against the weather conditions in addition to adding to the aesthetics of a home. It is particularly a manifestation of façade types in the homes of United States of America and England. Siding contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan are experts in repair or installation of siding in your home. Here are some of the siding types based on laying pattern to choose from;

  • Siding with horizontal alignment:

Horizontal siding is an attractive choice for making a colonial style or traditional house look. This can be made from aluminium, wood or vinyl boards laid horizontally over each other and there is a variety of colour available for each type of material.

Cost:  The cost depends upon the market rate of the material chosen. It can vary from $3 to $5 per square foot for vinyl siding and from $4 to $7 for fibre cement siding. The rates can vary every day.

  • Shingles:

Just like the roof shingles, siding can be made of shingle pieces from wood or asphalt shakes or even fibre cement. This type was used in early architecture of England, later revived in the 19th century. Unlike horizontal and vertical siding types, it contains small pieces interlocking compositions.

Cost: Although easy to install, but sometimes you will have to pay more for their installation relative to the horizontal siding.

Whatever the type of siding you choose, do some research about the current trends of siding in the market and whether it will be effective for the type of climate you are living in.

  • Siding with Vertical Boards and Battens:

As simple as the name, in this case boards and battens are laid vertically giving a taller look to the house. Some people use the combination of vertical and horizontal siding in their houses. Vertical siding may consist of a cover over the joint. Often used with wooden or fibre cement boards. It is a common style representing American Gothic carpenter houses. You can even choose from a staggered arrangement of shingles to a straight edge panel, giving a delicate finish to your traditional house.

Cost: Initially, this type was considered cost effective for siding of barns or farmhouses. But now it has almost the same cost as for vertical siding, again depending upon the material chosen.

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