Plantation Shutters and Fine Wood: A Wise Choice

There are many reasons to choose wood as the material for your home’s shutters. When purchasing window accessories, many people consider appearance above any other details. Furthermore, the attractiveness of plantation shutters gives you one of history’s most popular window treatments. However, enhancing your room’s look is only one factor that persuades property owners to install the wooden shutter design.

If you take the aesthetic ideals to the next level, you ultimately realise how the change can increase the value of your home. Many homeowners have found that these shutters increase the value significantly, so they leave them after selling the home. They perfectly complement almost any décor or design theme as well as fabric window treatments.


Plantation shutters are also functional. Therefore, you can open and close them to allow light in or to give you, your family members, and guests more privacy. When you are looking for wooden shutters in Perth, you need to work with an experienced provider in the region. They give you access to high-quality products, including basswood plantation shutters made from furniture-grade timber.

Wooden shutters have an excellent hardwood finish that is durable as well as attractive, and they are available at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Canada distributes Western Red Cedar shutters throughout the world. The distinctive appearance of the red/brown timber gives you a wonderful aroma. Slats on the exquisite shutters are available in three sizes – 63 mm, 89 mm, and 114 mm. You can also specify a traditional tilt rod or a hidden bar.

When you browse the supplier’s website, you will find window furnishings available in several styles, such as hinged, bi-fold, sliding, and fixed. After you devote some time to the site, call the representatives and inform them of your specific shutter needs. They will gladly answer your questions and make recommendations based on the details of your home and installation.


The site also provides testimonials from past and current customers, a great way to find positive experiences from people who has hired these experts. After you browse, you should ask how to best maintain and care for your new shutters, so you can keep them looking perfect. You also discover information about other services offered, such as converting roller shutters from manual to electric and helping with insurance claims.

If you need a few more reasons to choose wooden shutters, consider the function that allows fresh air to flow into the room when you open the slats. Solid plantation shutters are perfect for the motion, because they do not make noise as other types of blinds. You never hear a rattle, bang, or flutter when the wind blows.

It is important to consider the durability of high-quality shutters as well. They last a long time if properly installed and correctly maintained. If you have given any thought to adding plantation shutters to your home, there has never been a better time (or a better source for quality products and outstanding customer service).

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