Choosing The Best Commercial Grade Mower

A commercial grade mower has a number of differences from the usual homeowner model. If you are out looking for a commercial mower, whether you are a lawn care expert or merely have bigger requirements at home, there are several different aspects you must take into account. Consider these vital points below before making a decision.

  • The very first thing you need to check is whether or not the model you are considering is rated as a commercial grade mowerthe manufacturer or not. If you buy a lawnmower and use it for commercial purposes, such as running your own lawn cutting business, most of the manufactures will not cover any warranty related issues unless the mower is rated for commercial use.
  • While some of the mowers that are not technically commercial models are more than fit in handling such work, if the warranty is void as you are using it this way, it is not really worth the gamble. Specially as using a mower in the commercial premises is going to put a lot more stress on it, and chances of having an issue increases.
  • The next aspect you must take into account here is the kind of mower you require. You may be wondering about Which is better a Ride On, Walk Behind Or Zero Turn Mower? If you are cutting large playing fields or such type of lawn, you will be more liking opting for a riding mower. Or perhaps the new zero turns lawn mowers. However if you also cut smaller lawns, then a riding mower is just not very efficient. You perhaps have to go for two or even more mowers in order to have a solution for any situation you may find yourself cutting in.
  • The very next thing to consider while buying a commercial grade mower is to analyze whether or not the manufacturer specializes in commercial mowers. If the brand you have narrowed down makes just two or three commercial mower models and an entire range of homeowners’ mowers, you perhaps find that they do not have the same expertise as a service that makes a broader range or specializes in commercial grade mowers.

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Always remember the fact that you perhaps not be looking for the same brand as you would for a home based mower, so do not be put offbrands that you do not necessarily recognize. Make sure you do your homework to find out how reliable and professional they are, but do not move on just because you have not heard of the brand before.

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