Why You Should Not Let The Real Estate Agent Improvise

No matter how trusted the broker is, do not let him improvise in terms of price and timing. Any change, must be in agreement with the seller. Do not agree with too rapid price reduction for your luxury home in toronto. Once you decide on what price you start selling, it’s a good idea to maintain this price for at least 1 month before you decide to lower it down.

It is also good to do the same with the broker or at least the first few. Require surveys to be done through the day, because in artificial light all defects are seen much more clearly and repel potential buyers.

Turn disadvantages into benefits

Your block may be panel but the window opens a great glimpse of the new modern building opposite.

It is nice to take part in the views of the place because the owner can convincingly defend the deficiencies. Turning the disadvantages into your advantages is a whole art, but it is of great importance to sell the apartment advantageously and quickly.

For example, the lack of radiators in the presence of central heating can explain as a choice and not pay for district heating. If you have not insulated, you can highlight the thick wall and the absence of any joints between the slabs. Low ceilings will be a prerequisite for warmer weather in the winter, and if they are too high – as more space and opportunity for better furnishings.

Do not bargain with frivolous clients

Marketplace is a skill that few know. When selling a home with a trusted broker, it’s good to trust the specialist. Downsizing takes place in small steps, and when there is a serious client. In any case, do not bargain with people who obviously do not want to buy the place and strive to bring down the price to unrealistic low levels.

When bargaining, never allow emotions to peak, always remembering what is the bottom below which you do not want to fall. If there is a customer willing to pay but a lower price, it is better to wait for, ultimately, too low a price often makes the entire deal meaningless.

Serious clients are easy to see. They ask a myriad of questions, and whenever you think you have come to an agreement, they have the opportunity to enter into negotiations again. Typical of them is that they go to dozens of times of re-viewing, as usually the man with the money is absent at the time. Such people must be cut off immediately because they only damage the deal.

Give an advantage to the buyer with cash

It turns out that very often buyers with bank credit refuse loans at the last minute. The bad thing is that we have already lost the client with money, although it is possible to keep the deposit. Often, we also lose the deposit, especially if it is recorded in the Preliminary Contract that the buyer does not owe compensation in cases where the transaction has failed for reasons beyond its control, and the refusal of a pre-approved credit can be considered as such. In this case, we will be totally screwed up because the vendor usually dispenses with the deposit, and in a very rational way.

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