How To Choose A Bathroom Window?

How To Choose A Bathroom Window?

Window in a bathroom satisfies aesthetic and practical needs:  it creates good natural ventilation and it is a gorgeous decoration element.  It is a huge source of daylight, which inevitably gives us a sense of comfort.  Bathroom window can be of different shapes:

  • comparably small squares for classic and country styles;
  • round for romantic and Gothic;
  • vaulted shape is for eastern style;
  • big squares with panoramic picture windows are mainly for modern style.

An important parameter of windows for bathrooms is the material from which they are made of.  The most practical are plastic products.  Wooden windows due to high humidity in the bathroom are more subjected to deformation, and after a while will require repair works.  However, if they are correctly installed and regularly maintainedprofessionals, regardless of the material of manufacture, they will serve for many years.

To ensure privacy in bathroom, especially for rooms located on the first and ground floors or next to other buildings, there are various solutions.  The easiest way is to install double-glazed windows with frosted glass of any color. Another solution is decorative windows with milk glazing.  If it is important to preserve the light going through, you can install blinds or a mirror film.

We will now review the most widely used types of bathroom windows:

  • casement window with vertical opening;
  • awning windows and their combinations with fixed windows;
  • skylight windows;
  • slider type.

Casement Window With Vertical Opening

Motherland of this window type is the Great Britain, however, it is not less popular in the USA as well.  Let’s briefly review the construction: the window consists of the frame and two casements:  fixed and movable.  To open the window, it is necessary to move lower casement in the vertical direction, and then fix it with special latches.  The moving part is equipped with either rollers or other corresponding guides, which move along the special grooves in the frame.

This window type has lots of advantages:

impossible to be unlocked from the outside, since there are one or more locks from the inside part of the glazing;
can be fixed at any width;
space between the moving parts are well tight with the help of seals, all the fittings are additionally secured.

This window type can be additionally equipped with energy saving materials and private glass, which is needed for bathroom.

Bathroom Window

Awning Windows And Their Combinations With Fixed Windows

The bathroom is the wettest room in the house, where the concentration of steam reaches critical values.  Windows are most often installed to normalize the humidity level in the bathroom.  Awning windows with adjustable sash make it easy to get rid of excess moisture.  Special window accessories help to increase the ventilation efficiency.

The main advantage of this type of window, that if manufactured using the private glass, it is impossible for you to be seen from the outside even in the opened position of the window.  It is worth to mention, that it does not let the rain or snow to get inside in the opened position as well.

This is the type of window that does its main function – ventilation, but is not good to receive good panoramic view.  However, to improve its aesthetic abilities, the market offers combination of awning windows with fixed ones.  This unit allows you to have, for example, a big arch window, divided into few sections:  fixed top and awning movable lower part.

Bathroom Window

Skylight windows

If you want to see a sky through your roof while taking a shower, the Velux skylight windows are your choice. They are commonly decorated with blinds and have viewable glass.  Ventilation is easily organized in the opened position.

This window type can be manufactured from any material, such as wood or plastic.  If your choice is wood construction – it should be thoroughly covered with special liquid to protect the wood from moisture.  Such structures are equipped with thermal insulating glass units, where external tempered and internal low-e glass are successfully combined.  The units possess soundproofing abilities, are water resistant and durable, if maintainedskillful technicians, such as Apex Window Werks team.

Slider type

Slider type windows are also very popular among the customers.  This is usually a construction with one casement fixed, and the other moving horizontally with the help of rollers along special guides.

Both parts should have privacy glass, since the window is mainly located in the visible and reachable area.  It is usually a double-pane window, which means that it has perfect sound isolation and heat insulation abilities.

To summarize, bathroom is our private area and, after a shower taken, has lots of humidity, therefore should be correctly maintained.  Installing windows in the bathroom is a good idea for natural ventilation reasons.  To omit any maintenance problems in the future, please, address installation work to window replacement company, such as Apex Window Werks is.

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