Ways to Deal with Pests in Your Home

Ways to Deal with Pests in Your Home

Over time, parts of your home turn into dens of unwanted critters and bugs due to dirty surroundings, worn out seals, and discarded food. Don’t let pests ruin your peace of mind and beautiful home. Prevent them from coming in and breedingconsidering these eight tips.

Remove Sources Of Food, Water, And Shelter

Pests thrive anywhere they can eat, drink, and live. Spots such as your cupboards, pantry, and pet area are susceptible to mice and other insect infestations. Store your dry goods in air-tight containers to keep pests from getting in and building their homes in your pasta, cereals, and instant ramen. Use a metal trash can to store pet food as the metal sides will be too slippery for mice and rats to climb up.

Seal Gaps

Prevent any pests from entering your homesealing gaps that may allow them to get in. Take note of small holes in your electrical lines, pipes, attic, garage, and roof. Smaller gaps enable pests to get in quickly. Use a sealant to cover holes and cracks efficiently.

Upgrade the weather stripping on your doors and windows if necessary. Wrapped foam and vinyl bulb types are common types of weather stripping you can use. Housing developments such as Phirst Park Homes in Tanza, Cavite seal and insulate their glass windows to keep their units clear of potential pests.

Use Pesticides with Caution

Read labels before using pesticides. Keep pets and kids away from where you are going to spray. Most pesticides effectively eliminate bugs and rodents, but they can be toxic for your health and the health of your plants and pets. Use them sparingly, cautiously, and only when the pestilence is becoming out of control.

Opt for Natural Insecticides

Choose the safer route of wiping out pestsusing natural insecticides. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to purge ant trails. Place chopped onions and baking soda on the corners of your home and around your kitchen waste bin to drive cockroaches away. Reuse coffee groundssprinkling them on heavily-infested parts of your home.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

No one wants the itchy and deadly bites of mosquitoes. Prevent them from multiplyingthrowing away stagnant water. If you must store water for dry seasons, cover water containers to keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs. You’ll save yourself from getting Dengue or Malaria fever.

Repair Torn Screens

Summer is the time for swimming, outdoors, and bugs. Repair torn screens on your doors and windows to conveniently keep away flies, mosquitoes, and bees from flying into your house. Doing so also keeps the fresh air in to cool your home during hot summer days.

Ways to Deal with Pests in Your Home

Store Firewood Away

Firewood may be essential for your barbecues and summer bonfires, but they can be a gateway for pests such as termites, ants, and borer beetles to come into your home. Instead of storing firewood and lumber in your garage, keep them in a separate shed to prevent any bugs from forming colonies and trailing to your home. Keep your firewood drycovering the stack with a tarpaulin or plastic sheet. Keep the sides open so they won’t absorb too much moisture that can attract molds and pests and change their burning quality.

Consult the Professionals

If things get worse, call in the professionals. Cases such as hives on your ceilings, termites in your walls, and extreme bed bug infestations may not be remedied with organic insecticides and sealing gaps. It is best to call in professionals to deal with these pests as doing the purging on your own may be dangerous to you and your households’ well-being.

A pest-free home means comfort, safety, and wellness for you and your household. These eight suggestions help you achieve a clean and happy home clear of bugs, rodents, and other unwanted critters.

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