How to Dispose of Furniture

How to Dispose of Furniture

Often people get stuck with furniture that they don’t need anymore. Probably because they have no clue how to dispose of these bulky pieces. Getting an effective furniture removal plan is the solution in this case.

There are tons of ways you can use it for furniture removal. Some are easy and direct, while others are quite complicated. We’ll just show you all of the ways you can discard furniture, so that you can decide what’s best for you.


While you don’t need it anymore, it doesn’t mean that no one else does. You’ll be surprised to find that many people see gold in what you see as trash. Therefore, instead of disposing of it, you can donate to those in need.

They say charity begins at home. Therefore, you can pick any of the local charitable organizations and take the pieces of furniture to them. Some may even organize the pickup themselves. Doesn’t convenience get any better for you?

Besides, the biggest advantage with donation, which many people probably don’t know, is tax exemption. When you give to charity, you can save on your taxes. Yes, just imagine giving in good faith, to a good course, but still saving some extra bucks. Remember to have all your receipts with you so that when the time comes to file your tax returns, you can register for a cut.

Also, there’s a thin line between what’s donate-able and what’s not. The basic rule of thumb is that if you can sell it, you can donate it. Even though the decision is solely yours, it doesn’t sit well to donate something that may have no value to someone else. If it’s beyond use, then you’d rather just dispose of it through other means.

Using a Furniture Removal Company

Hiring a furniture removal is the best method to use if the pieces of furniture are in poor form. If you can neither donate nor sell them, then simply discard the items through a furniture removal company.

There are several companies you can choose to work with, but you’ll need to vet them based on their qualifications. Check everything, including their disposal techniques. Do they just remove the furniture and dispose in ways that hurt the environment?

Also, check what their terms, insurance policy, and pricing look like. If possible, let them come over and assess the number of pieces, then write you a quote. Some of them might require you to commit with some sort of deposit, while others won’t.


If you can make some money out of junk, then why not? Selling is a feasible option to use when discarding pieces of furniture. Just make sure that it’s in a mint condition, as people rarely take trash. But the good thing with online sites such as craigslist is that anything goes – well, maybe with the exemption of used diapers.

If you’re confused on whether the piece of furniture is fit for sale or not, ask yourself if you would buy it. If you think you could buy it then probably someone on the internet will. Nonetheless, buyers are always ready to pick up stuff online, so this is a great avenue.

Some people are a bit skeptical about selling items online, and we understand the worry. An alternative is to post pieces of furniture on your social media handles and groups. Maybe a family-affiliated one. You may be shocked that a friend or family member has been eyeing the piece all along. And it’s always self-fulfilling to sell an item to someone you know.

Take It to the Landfill

Although not the best means of furniture removal, you can still use it as a last resort. Some landfills don’t take bulky stuff like furniture, thus, it would be wise to confirm prior to the trip.

Also, you need to understand that you’ll probably still need the help of a furniture removal company. Well, this is if you don’t have a truck to transport the pieces of furniture. They can take up the pieces and deliver to the landfill.

Leave Furniture on the Curbside

Check with your city’s local waste management to find out the days when you can leave bulky stuff like furniture. For some, it’s just once a month or several times a year. There’s no point leaving your piece of furniture on the curbside only for it to stay there unnecessarily too long.

Also, when leaving furniture on the curbside, ensure that it doesn’t block anyone’s movement – even for vehicles. You might land yourself in trouble if you do.


You can opt to take the pieces of furniture to a local recycling plant. They will be happy to take them and repurpose them into other items. This is an environmentally-friendly furniture removal technique.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can use any of the above ways to dispose of furniture. Ensure that you do your research well when hiring a furniture removal company.

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