How Can I Service My Garage Door?

How Can I Service My Garage Door?

The Importance of Garage Door Service

You can take care of your garage door yourself, but some services need professional help anyway. You can watch your door “behavior” and be ready to call for a garage door service asap in case of emergency or damage. More importantly, you can prevent some serious and expensive repairusing your most helpful tool, your vigilance.

Regular check-ups are the best service you can provide to your garage door yourself!

How Could I Service My Garage Door Myself?

The garage door is a complex system with a huge number of different details. Usually, people tend to think that it doesn’t need service or that service is too expensive. But everything is not so complicated if you know what you can do.

Let’s figure out what you can do without professional help to prevent future accidents or damage:


Regularly lubricate the rollers, springs, and hinges. You can use white lithium grease or silicone spray for this purpose. Before lubricating, you can also clean the tracks using dump rags or paper towels. You also can use a vacuum with a hose extension to get rid of all the dirt. The tracks themselves don’t need to be lubricated, but you should check if they’re clean so they operate correctly. Good and regular lubricating prevents strange noises, squeaks, etc. If you tried to lubricate your garage door yourself and it’s still too loud, then better call your local garage door company and they will sort everything out in no time. You can watch your tech while he lubricates your garage door to learn how to do it properly.

Door Balance

Another thing you can check yourself is the door balance. Once a month disconnect the automatic door opener when the door is closed and open the door manually. If you can feel a little resistance while you’re opening the doorhand, then the springs or runners most likely work correctly. Stop opening the garage door approximately 4 feet above the ground. The properly functioning door will remain open. If the door closeditself, then it could be unbalanced. To prevent further damage better call garage door service and they will fix the problem. The company that provides the full spectrum of garage door services is Up and Down Garage Doors.

Check the Entire Mechanism

Regularly check the springs, cables and rollers for broken parts, signs of wear, dirt, etc. Problems with spring tension can be dangerous not only for the garage door itself but also for people who use it. So, if you found out that something is wrong, that springs need to be repaired, better call a professional garage door service. You can always contact Up and Down Garage Doors and get qualified and reliable garage door service.

Automatic Opener

Also you can test your garage door automatic function. Approximately once a month put an object under the door while it closes (for example, a broomstick but not your hand or leg). A properly functioning door will reopen back or stop immediately. If your door didn’t stop, then you should call an emergency service because the door is more likely dangerous. One of the best companies that provide even 24-hour garage door service is Up and Down Garage Doors.


The dirt can be dangerous for garage doors. Wash it regularly (once or twice a month) with soft sponge and warm water. Better don’t use cleaning supplies that are not suitable for material your garage door is made of. Helpful lifehack: to save your time just wash your garage door when you wash your car.

Besides the garage door, the garage floor is important too. A garage floor coating is a simple way to address a huge need in the garage. Garage floor coatings seal the cement, preventing any oil or other material from penetrating and staining the cement on the garage floor. Because it provides an exceptionally smooth surface, sweeping is a breeze, and mopping will remove any spills or leaks.


All these manipulations won’t take much time, but they definitely will save your money in the long run. Just watch carefully how your garage door works every time you use it. Once or twice a month check it’s functioning and wash it. In case of an emergency, call for garage door service and your door will serve you for a long time.

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