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How To Update Your Outdoor Setting

How To Update Your Outdoor Setting

A new year should bring you a new outdoor setting. If you’re tired of your old furniture now is the time to transform your outdoor area so you have an outdoor space you can enjoy all year round. If you know that you want to update your outdoor setting but you’re stuck on ideas, continue reading for inspiration for what’s trending in 2021.

Bright Bold Colours

Let the new year bring out your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Think beautiful, bold, and bright colours and prints. Think reds, oranges, pinks and blues. All of these colours will compliment the greenery that is in your garden. A bright garden is warm and welcoming to guests. When your friends and family arrive and see the pops of colours coming from outside, they won’t be able to help themselves but quickly move through the house to enjoy the inviting outdoor space that you’ve created.

Invest In Outdoor Accessories

To make both your indoor and outdoor entertaining area look bigger, use similar accessories in both areas. For example, use plenty of pillows, throws and rugs in your outdoor area. Pieces such as these can create the illusion of one large living space throughout your whole home and outdoor area. It’s important to make sure your outdoor accessories are designed for outdoor use. By purchasing accessories that are designed for outside use will ensure they stay in good condition for as long as possible. These pieces are more resistant to mud, dirt, and rain, and can be left outside without getting destroyed. Outdoor accessories are also resistant to mold, making them a safe place for your family and friends to sit on and enjoy. Even though your indoor and outdoor pieces will be designed for different elements and climates, you can keep them looking cohesivepurchasing them all in a complementary colour palette.

Create A Centrepiece In Your Outdoor Setting

Look at creating a statement centerpiece that can be the focal point of your garden setting. This may be a beautiful water feature that not only looks great but can also help to down out any unwanted noise from traffic or your neighbours. Another outdoor feature that is trending is a fire pit. Fire pits are the ideal feature if you like to stay outside once the sun goes down and you enjoy entertaining this is the perfect accessory for you. Instead of tucking your fire pit away as an afterthought, make it the centre of your outdoor space. Fire pits create a natural gathering area. They also allow you and your guests to stay outside much longer as you would be freezing once the sun went down without one. These are the ultimate outdoor centrepieces that will create the perfect ending to your dinner party for people to gather around with a glaze of wine and enjoy each other’s company.

Invest In Quality Pieces 

Think of purchasing your new outdoor furniture as an investment. It’s important to spend money on quality pieces instead of quantity. By purchasing cheaper furniture will actually cost you more in the long run as you will need to update these pieces each year as they won’t be able to withstand the outdoor weather conditions as well as quality well made pieces can.

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