Why You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Why You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Why so many people paint their kitchen and bathroom cabinets these days Do you have outdated or even old-fashioned cabinets?  You know, those that have a dark grain that looks like wood?  Or are they just too dark and dingy for you?  If you want to change your tired cabinets into cabinets you will absolutely love, you have so many great reasons to do so.  It’s a kitchen makeover that makes a huge difference and can transform your kitchen from drab to fab in no time.

In this article, I will talk about the benefits of painting your cabinets, as well as the products you should use.  You can find a companion article below that shows you the steps needed to paint your cabinets.

1.  You’ll Get A New Look For Your Kitchen

It’s amazing how much difference painting your cabinets can make.  Here’s what they looked like before and after.  Your cabinets will look more modern and up to date if you paint them.  You’ll find that your space looks lighter and brighter as well.  This will often improve the appearance of your countertop as well.

2. Your Home’s Value Will Increase

There are many reasons why you should choose your Kitchen Cabinet painting Calgary. Kitchens sell homes…and outdated kitchens do not.  If you paint your cabinets, you can increase your home’s value (in fact, it’s a good investment), as well as make it easier to sell.  On the other hand, if your cabinets are old, dingy, dirty and dark, your home will take longer to sell.

Potential buyers factor in that they will have to remodel the kitchen, and most buyers today are aware how expensive that can be.  First-time homebuyers often cannot afford such expenses, since they have to pay closing and moving costs, as well as saving up for a down payment.

The cabinets will look nicer when you paint them, and they will also look larger and more welcoming.  If you spray a fresh coat of paint on the walls, you’ll create instant value.

5 Benefits of Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting — RenovationFind Blog

3. Compared To Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets, It’s Much Less Expensive

It’s cheaper to paint your kitchen cabinets than to replace them, which is why so many people are doing it.  Cabinets are the most expensive item in the kitchen, so if you can avoid buying new ones, you will save a great deal of money.  Furthermore, there is the cost of removing and disposing of the cabinets, as well as installing new ones.

Also, remember that if you replace the cabinets, you will need to replace the counter top and the sink, as well as hire a plumber.  It’s a domino effect when it comes to costs.

You can save a lot of moneypainting your cabinets. It will save you even more money if you are able to do it yourself.  All you need is the right painting products (see my recommendations below).

4. Quicker And Less Inconvenient

When you remodel your kitchen, it can take a lot of time. Here are five reasons why you should paint your cabinets.  There is a minimum 6 week wait, but often it is 10-12 weeks…and at times even longer (as something inevitably goes wrong or causes a delay). This means a long time without a kitchen, which is not fun because everything feels messy and cluttered.

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