How Do You Decide Between Roof Lanterns And Flat-Glass Rooflights?

How Do You Decide Between Roof Lanterns And Flat-Glass Rooflights?

Many people can’t decide whether they want a roof lantern, a pyramid, or a flat glass skylight. Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing one will depend on your goals. In this section, you will find detailed information about each possibility, allowing you to make an educated decision. This includes details about the design, lighting, cost, size, ventilation, insulation, and cleaning.


  • Flat Glass Rooflight

Flat roof windows, with their minimal profile and sleek, contemporary frames, are an excellent choice for today’s cutting-edge architecture. Having an upstand of only 15 centimeters, they are hardly visible from the garden and won’t block any upper-story windows.

Flat Glass Rooflight are great if you’re going for a minimalist, contemporary look. These afford a clear, uninterrupted view of the sky and the outside world.

  • Lantern Rooflight

A building’s aesthetic appeal can be enhancedinstalling lantern roof lights. Many homeowners prefer these items because their bigger scale complements the rest of the home. Consider the height of a lantern in a single-story flat roof addition, as it may partially obscure facade windows in the second story of the original house.


  • Flat Glass Rooflight

For rooms that feel too cramped or dim, flat glass roof lights are an excellent choice, as they let in an abundance of light in the form of continuous beams. Flat glass roof lights that are made to interior proportions admit up to 25 percent more light into a room than their non-customized counterparts. Light may be used more creatively in a room when you have a variety of window forms to choose from, such as long, thin roof lights that cascades down the ceiling like a waterfall of pure daylight or spherical windows that cast shifting pools of light over the room throughout the day.

  • Lantern Rooflight

Your Guide to Roof Lights - Ultronics Lights

A lovely effect is created as the light is scattered and reflectedthe lantern’s intersections. Lanterns are an excellent option if the room is already well-lit and you want to add natural light for aesthetic purposes rather than practical ones.


  • Flat Glass Rooflights

Although the cost per square meter of lanterns is more than that of flat glass roof lights, the difference is not so significant that you shouldn’t get a lantern if that’s what you want. A good rooflight’s insulating capabilities can help you save money on your heating bills, even in the winter, because it will allow more solar heat into your home than it will allow escaping.

  • Lantern Rooflights

As was previously indicated, there isn’t a significant price gap between the two designs at first. The quality of the installation and the product itself are more important factors. A pre-assembled lantern rooflight is relatively uncommon. Your installer will need to assemble the product at the job site. As a result, this typically lengthens the installation process and raises associated costs. The skill of the installation determines the quality of the final product. Thus it’s essential to find a reliable one.

  • Insulation

Insulation is possible for both lanterns and flat roof windows. However, due to the many seals between the glass panels, lanterns often provide less thermal protection (as representeda Uw value that is twice as high). An opportunity for heat loss exists anywhere two panes of glass are joined. Because there is no junction between the lower unit and the downstand in a flat rooflight, the insulating performance is typically superior. When comparing insulation values, it’s crucial to do so consistently. The Uw value represents the product’s overall insulation efficiency, while the Ug value describes the efficiency of the glass itself. In this case, the Ug value (glass’s insulation property) is noticeably higher than the Uw value (the product as a whole’s insulation capability).

  • Ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, there is little to distinguish between flat glass rooflights and roof lanterns. Both may be opened to let in the fresh air, which can help reduce the heat within the home during the summer months.


Glass skylights are increasingly popular due to their practicality and the aesthetic value they add to a home. As a result, they will make any structure look more refined and modern. Whenever aesthetics are a priority, glass is preferable to polycarbonate or plastic. Energy efficiency is improvedroof windows as well. A glass skylight in your home is an excellent investment because it insulates and retains heat effectively.

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