Should We Choose Steel Structure or Brick-Concrete Structure for Elevator Shaft?

Steel Structure

With the continuous development of the economy, the development of real estate is also in full swing. Whether it is a community, a supermarket or a personal villa, elevators are indispensable. Especially in five or six-story communities and villas that were not originally installed, many owners are considering installing elevators. So when it comes to choosing an elevator shaft, should you choose a steel structure elevator shaft or an ordinary brick-concrete elevator shaft?

The elevator shaft is the track used to carry the vertical elevator up and down. The brick-concrete shaft is a load-bearing structure made of concrete, and the non-load-bearing parts are filled with bricks. The steel structure shaft is a frame structure shaft made of steel plates and shaped steel. In addition to different materials, the two structures mainly differ in space utilization and later modification. Each has its own advantages and can be selected according to needs.

Advantages of Steel Structure Elevator Shaft:

  1. Beautiful appearance, good visual and sensory experience. Sightseeing elevators are basically built with steel structure shafts. Large supermarkets, shopping malls, landscape areas, and villa areas also usually use steel structure elevator shafts. Good view and no light blocking.
  2. The steel structure elevator shaft has light weight, high strength, earthquake resistance and good safety performance. Fabricated in the factory, on-site construction is simple and installation is quick. From design to installation, it can be completed within 20 days, and no construction waste is generated.
  3. Conducive to later transformation. If a major disaster occurs and the house or elevator shaft is damaged, the steel structure shaft can be renovated at the same time to reduce the owner’s losses.


Advantages of Brick-Concrete Elevator Shaft:

  1. Compared with steel structure elevator shafts, they have good corrosion resistance and less heat transfer to the shaft.
  2. The overall rigidity is strong, sturdy and durable, and there is basically no need for maintenance in the future.
  3. The cost of the shaft is relatively low, but the labor cost of construction and installation is high.

Relatively speaking, the sound insulation effect of brick-concrete structures is better than that of steel structures, but the construction period is complex and long, and there are many construction processes and links. The brick-concrete structure has no lighting and relatively poor sense of perception, and cannot be renovated in the event of a major disaster. Steel structure shafts occupy less space than brick-concrete shafts, and the shafts can also be set outside the building to solve the problem of not reserving elevator shafts or installing additional elevators. Therefore, at this stage, owners of communities or private villas with elevators prefer steel structure elevator shafts.

Of course, the elevator shafts made of each materials have their own advantages, and you can choose according to your own needs. For export elevator shaft projects, our company undertakes the fabrication of steel structure elevator shafts with quality assurance. If necessary, please feel free to consult.

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