15 Rules To Clean The Kitchen Before The Plumber Gets There

If you want to clean your kitchen in order to prepare the most delicious dishes, sometimesall you need to do is hire a professional emergency drain cleaning Mississauga to help you with the drain emergencies.

But before that, there are other things that need to done.
Clear away all surfaces and remove all those items African Development Corporation that only make debris in the kitchen: such as mail, bills, bunch of recipes without cover…

Fill the sink with warm water and detergent for a dishwasher, put the dishes there and leave them for a few minutes.

Empty the refrigerator, throw away the food that will not be used, and spray it with alcoholic solution of vinegar and water and wipe. Tt the same time use paper towels, so all you have to do is throw them in the trash instead of washing cloth and sponge after this operation. Replace foods in the refrigerator.

Clean all the kitchen elements using a good product.

Clean the rest of the kitchen and everything on the walls, including mounted microwave. The interior of the microwave should be sprayed with special productfor cleaning. Do the same thing with the oven and leave itlike that for a two minutes before you finish cleaning.

When you are finished with the microwave go back to the hanging parts and wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth moistened with a mild soap or alcohol solution of vinegar and water. Wipe and handles too.

Spray the stove cleaning the whole surfaceleaving it for a couple of minutes with a detergent on.
Putall the plates and dishes from the sink in the dishwasher or wash themhand.
Now it’s time to wipe the cooker with a clean cloth. Do not pay attention to the crumbs that fall on the floor because the floor will be cleaned at the end, when you’re all done.
Clean the coffee machine, the toaster, the blender and other small kitchen appliances – you can use a glass cleaner or alcoholic solution of vinegar and water.

Scrub the kitchen area with small circular movements using a special tool designed for scrubbing these areas or, again, acetic mixture.

Wipe the door of the refrigerator, the dishwasher and the oven with a cloth soaked in a mild soap or acetic mixture. Pay special attention to the handles, the area around them and the door rubber. Use a toothbrush or small spatula for the hand holdersto reach the inaccessible parts.
Wipe the lower part of the kitchen with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water or a mixture of acetic.

Empty the sink and rinse with warm water. Clean thoroughly with an abrasive cloth and microfiber.
Clean the floor first and then vacuum it and wipe with a damp cloth – moving from the farthest corner towards the exit.

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