The Performance Of Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 As An Alternative To R22 Refrigerant

R22 and TdX 20 are popular refrigerants on the market today. The former is currently being phased out due to its negative impact on the ozone layer of the planet while the latter is one of the best alternatives to R22. Freon or R22 has been the most popular refrigerant used in the HVAC-R industry for the past 5-6 decades. That is due to the many advantages of the substance. In fact, Freon is HVAC compatible and energy efficient compared to most of the other refrigerants out there. But the substance is supposed to negatively impact the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, the Montreal Protocol of 1987 decided to phase out R22 on a stage by stage basis. The final stage of the phasing out will be completed in January 2020. After January 2020, you won’t be able to find R22 even to service the existing HVAC units. TdX 20 is the best alternative refrigerant to replace R22 when it is completely banned in 2020. This article provides information on the performance of Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 as an alternative to R22 refrigerant.

Freon or R22 is only manufactured for servicing the existing HVAC-R units in the country. The manufacturing and importation process is severely restricted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). Hence, the wholesale price of a pound of R22 has reached $115 right now. Suppliers who have stocked up the substance are taking advantage of the supply and demand situation to drastically increase the price of the substance. That is why you should consider replacing the Freon in your HVAC units with the high-performance TdX 20 by Bluon Energy. TdX 20 is compatible with all HVAC systems that run on R22. Hence, you don’t have to waste money on replacing the entire system when replacing R22 with TdX 20. You can replace the refrigerant without making any structural changes to the existing HVAC units. That way you save a lot of money in the process. That is why you shouldn’t delay shifting to TdX 20 from the harmful R22. It will save your equipment, money, and the environment in the long run.

The R 22 replacement refrigerants doesn’t have so many pitfalls such as R22. It can operate on the same systems that used to operate with R22. Hence, the conversion can easily be done without having to shell out a lot of money in the process. TdX 20 will improve the energy efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC systems. There are many other advantages of using TdX 20 instead of R22 – which is supposed to be phased out in January 2020. TdX 20 comes with many advantages compared to Freon or R22. Some of the most important benefits of Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 are listed below.

Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 will improve the overall performance of your HVAC equipment. It uses 20% less energy compared to R22. Electricity is one of the main culprits responsible for increasing global warming due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the country. Hence, your HVAC system should use less electricity over time. That is the best way to save the environment from further destruction. In fact, TdX 20 is the best alternative to protect the environment. It is a non-ozone-depleting substance compared to R22. Hence, it won’t negatively impact the ozone layer of the planet. On the other hand, the lower electricity consumption of the unit will help reduce global warming over time. That is why you need to start using TdX 20 instead of R22 in your HVAC systems. That is the best way to protect your equipment as well as the environment.

. TdX 20 will use 5-25% less energy to operate the HVAC systems. This may mostly depend on the type of unit you use. The electricity usage is minimized during the peak hours of operation. The daily operation time of the system is reduced between 20 to 90 minutes depending on the type of HVAC unit in your home or office. In fact, TdX 20 will increase the cooling capacity of the unit. The coil and compressor will work more efficiently and prolong the lifespan of the system.

. TdX 20 can run on all types of units that use R22. Hence, the conversion process is made much easier. In fact, you don’t have to replace the entire units when making the shift from R22 to TdX 20. That way you can save a lot of money and time in the conversion process. Most of the other alternative refrigerants don’t run on current HVAC systems that use R22. Hence, if you plan to use such an alternative refrigerant, you should replace the entire HVAC unit when making the change. That will cost you a lot of money in the process. That is why you should be choosing TdX 20 when making the shift from R22. It is the best way to save time and money.

. TdX 20 is not an ozone-depleting substance such as R22. The ozone layer performs an important role in protecting the earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Unfiltered UV rays can cause skin cancer and disrupt the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. On the other hand, it will reduce the agricultural harvest across the globe. R22 will damage the ozone layer and cause negative consequences over time. That is why you should replace R22 with an alternative refrigerant before the substance is completely phased out in 2020. There is no better alternative substance than TdX 20 for this purpose. TdX 20 comes with a host of positive benefits to the environment as well as your HVAC system. Hence, the shift should be made right now before it is too late. On the other hand, you should be taking advantage of the incentives offered by the government for those who make the shift from R22 to an alternative refrigerant. These are important benefits of TdX 20 compared to R22.