Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Your Home This Spring

Out with the old, in with the new. That adage has never described spring so well. Spring is coming, which means that homeowners’ annual traditions regarding spring cleaning isn’t too far away. For about a month or two we will be seeing a lot of families get to work cleaning their houses from the inside out. While for most homeowners spring cleaning simply means removing all the collected dust and gunk in their houses from the previous year, other residences take it to the extreme and commence a full wipedown that is nothing short of military-grade.

But spring doesn’t just have to be restricted to the act of cleaning per se. Following the rebirth of the earth and flowers blooming, you could also take it as a way to revamp your home. Having lived in one abode for a long time, we do have a tendency to become too complacent and settle, like the dust we’ve collected over the years. So here are a few ways that you can spruce up your home. Some of these are quite simple and easy to do, while some might be what you might call intensive.

Change up your landscape.

Spring symbolizes new life. Give your front lawn some much needed rejuvenationinjecting some new growth into your landscaping. A popular trend in landscaping right now is xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping that focuses on using rocks and drought tolerant plants to reduce water consumption and lawn maintenance. Xeriscaping is a great option for prefab homes, since it matches well with the modern, minimalist aesthetic that most prefab homes tend to have. This is also a great idea for homeowners that live in dry, arid, or drought prone areas or do not have enough time to maintain a well-manicured lawn. Having xeric plants means that you do not need to water it constantly to keep the plants alive and healthy.

Repaint your house.

Over the years, paint tends to be worn down and lose its vibrance and saturation due to exposure to the elements. Whether it’s sunlight, wind, rain, or snow, these changes in temperature and weather can cause paint to be stripped or chip off. This spring season, give your house some much needed TLCrepainting the outside (and maybe even the inside) of your house. Pick a nice color palette based off of a single color like Pantone’s color of the year to keep things cohesive. Sometimes all a house needs to look brand new is a fresh coat of paint.

Reboot your displays.

A simple way to spruce up your home is to switch up the decor you’ve displayed. While of course, this means getting rid of Christmas decor you have yet to take down, rebooting your displays also means that you should change the decor you’re using for everyday living. Even something as simple as replacing the books on the coffee table can create an entirely different look for your living room. You don’t even have to buy new things. For example, you can just switch up the philodendron you have in your living room for the fiddle leaf fig plant you have in your home office. Simple things like switching things around can help your house feel brand new.

Declutter your storage spaces.

Another thing that accumulates clutter are shelves and other storage spaces. The countertops on your kitchen may be housing food items and spices that may have already gone beyond their freshness dates. Remember that drawer in your entryway? That’s probably filled with a ton of clutter and trash that aren’t really doing anything but taking up precious space. This spring, make decluttering a family affair. Have your family members tackle different areas of the house and remove any clutter they can find. Then take all that clutter and sort them into two piles–one for keeping and one for throwing away. If you’re not sure how to deal with them, Marie Kondo has a few great decluttering tricks up her sleeve.

Deep clean your home.

Of course the best way to welcome spring is to conduct a deep clean of your home. Take out those vacuums, brooms, and scrubbing brushes and go to town with ridding your house of dust, litter, and unwanted gunk that’s been festering in your home’s nooks and crannies. If you can afford it, get a professional cleaning service that will make an assessment of your home and do all the hard spring cleaning work for you. Not only will you stay stress-free, but you’ll also end up with a sparkling clean home for the rest of the year.

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