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If you have been looking for the best drill press in your budget to add to your arsenal or if you are looking to replace an old worn out or faulty one then it’s important to do some due dillagence and carry out some research before you buy. I recommend my favourite for research power tools is Tool Inspector.
Using a drill press guide will help ensure you purchase one that is a match for your work needs and will keep on ticking even after many hard shifts.
It’s important you have thought about what you will be using it for and how long it will be running everyday to be able to find the right one.

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The usefulness and accuracy of these power tools is part of the reason they are so popular. You will find them in so many different trades workshops and hobbyists workshops. From Carpenters to engineers, from window makers to boat makers these tools are a very common sight.

The reason they are so popular is the convenience and ease at which you can drill, countersink, bore and more and the fact you can set it up drill the exact same uniform depth when donig these things is another big advantage for professionals.

Working with all types of wood and a large array of different thickness of metal sheets they increase both the accuracy of the drilling and the ease at which you can drill metal without leaning on the drill because users just turn the spindel to apply pressure.

Some of the important features the drill press guide will cover on Tool Inspector.

– Material you will be working with regularly

If your working with thick sheet metal everyday you will need a commercial drill press or an industrial pillar drill

– Type of use hobby, commercial or industrial

For heavy use again you will need an commercial drill press or an industrial one. If it’s just light work a few times a week you will want the best one for hobby or light workshop use.

– Portable, Workbench mounted or floor standing

There are 3 main types to consider portable drill press has the advantage of being able to be taken anywherejust being unplugged.
Workbench mounted drill press is exactly as it sounds, you fix it to a solid worktable or workbench. This is the most common type especially in a commercial or industrial workshop.

Floor standing pillar drill is normally the big commercial drill press or industrial one. These are normally in the higher price bracket.

– Budget There is so much choice in all the price brackets that there is no reason to not get one that will do you proud,

Drill press under $100

There is a lot of choice even in the lower end of the priced tools but the WEN offerings in the under $100 category are unbeleavible qualty for the price and that is where I would start if I wanted the best pillar drill for under $100.

Drill Press Under $200

There a great selection too and like the under $100 category the WEN also has some great choices under $200. It must be said though that looking at the Dewalt review and the Skil review on Tool Inspector shows there is a healthy range to choose from.

Drill Press under $500

Now we are getting into the more expensive units that are suitable for heavy industrial or commercial use, the type a carpenter or engineer would be looking at. The selection here is also a good wide range. From Makita to Shopseries these are well built machines designed to run all day.

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With such a wide selection it’s a smart move to use a drill press guide to help you pick the best drill press for you and at the same time find one that is going to be a reliable machine in the long term.

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These machines can be dangerous and can and have caused serious damage to peoples health you must always wear PPE. Safety goggles are a definete must when operating them one wrongle aimed piece of metal or wood and you could have permenet eye damage.

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