The Best Way To Wear A Wedding Ring

The Best Way To Wear A Wedding Ring

Wedding rings and engagement rings can be confusing to the uninitiated.

There are many options for wearing a wedding ring “the right way,” and it’s important to remember which one suits your style best! To help young grooms, we’ve compiled a few popular traditions on when and how to wear engagement and wedding rings.

The Basics: Engagement And Wedding Rings 101

Although the terms are used somewhat mutually, each ring represents a different milestone. There are several differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring, including design, placement, and price, but the main difference is when each ring is given. An engagement ring is usually given at the time of the proposal, and a wedding ring is generally given when a couple exchanges their marriage vows. Couples will frequently buy custom wedding rings sets to have similar ring styles to signify their union. However, it’s becoming more common for couples to purchase wedding rings that reflect their methods without worrying about agreeing with their spouse.

In Western cultures, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the ring (or third) finger of the left hand. This practice dates back to the ancient Romans, who believed that there was a vein on the left ring finger connected straight to the heart, making it a symbolic sign for newlyweds. Ultimately, which finger you want to wear each ring is up to you, but people ordinarily look for a ring on their left ring finger as a symbol of engagement or marriage.

How To Wear Rings During And After The Wedding Ceremony

Conventionally, couples wear the wedding band “closest to their heart,” meaning the wedding band is stacked below the engagement ring on the left ring finger. Many brides-to-be will switch their engagement ring to their right hand before walking down the aisle so that the wedding band can first be slipped on to the left-hand side. The brides then place their wedding ring on the wedding ring during or after the ceremony. Some people choose to solder their engagement and wedding rings after the ceremony to make their wedding set one piece.

For practical purposes, such as a job where you regularly work with your hands, women may choose to wear a simple wedding band every day and only wear their engagement ring for special occasions. This is also common when traveling, or in other situations where a person might be afraid of losing or damaging a diamond ring. Ultimately, however, you wear your rings is up to you!

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