Frequently Asked Questions On Building Facade Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions On Building Facade Cleaning

Facade refers to the outside of a building, presumably the front part that has the entrance. Building facade cleaning means cleaning the facade.

Why Is Building Facade Cleaning A Necessity?

You see, when walls are uncleaned, they become breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses that can transmit diseases. On the other hand, moss, fungi, etc. can also start growing on the surfaces. All this will contribute to allergies and respiratory illnesses in people inside, and outside the construction.

Furthermore, having a clean exterior is to enhance your brand visibility and positioning. After all, stains in your office building aren’t going to appeal to a lot of passersby, prospects, or clients.

How Is Building Facade Cleaning Done?

Normally, facade cleaning services in Singapore do these kinds of cleaning:

High-Pressure Washing

As its name suggests, water at very high pressure is applied on the surface of the building. It takes out any dirt, dust, or stains that have been sticking on the wall.

Special Washing

In a special washing, solution or substance is mixed on the water used for high-pressure washing. This is done for surfaces like plasters, and other building materials which have deeper stains, or in which only water is not enough to take off the dirt.

Sometimes, only clinical agents can be sprayed instead of water, which is helpful for removing graffiti, paint, and metallic stains. The agents can be acid or alkaline; the one we choose depends on the surface.

Moss Control

Moss control substance is sprayed on surfaces with moss. We can also ask the cleaning professionals to apply protective films of anti-moss agents.

How Much Does Building Facade Cleaning Cost?

The answer is- cheap. The thing is that when you don’t clean your building for a while, the surface may get damaged. You will later need to do renovations which will cost a lot more than what you need to spend on building facade cleaning.

To make the process more affordable, you have to work with a rope access company in Singapore instead of the firms that use expensive working methods like ladders, scaffold, lifts, etc.