5 Reasons Why People Love Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Although hardwood floors have been around since the 17th century, the modern conception of hardwood flooring didn’t start to become popular until the 1980s. Thirty years and a plethora of other options later, the hardwood floor remains well-lovedall, considered a benchmark of quality in the upper-middle-class American home. What is so great about hardwood flooring anyway?

1.  Versatile Style & Natural Beauty

The variety of beautiful wood species, colors and stains available makes hardwood flooring an exceptionally versatile choice for most interior styles. Perhaps you already have hardwood floors and want a home makeover. When you hire pros like these Nashville hardwood flooring experts, it’s easier to refinish the wood to match your decor than to pay for entirely new floors.

Each plank has its own unique, natural pattern, which sets it apart from clichéd printing patterns, as seen on laminate flooring. Its natural beauty and woodsy warmth have intuitive appeal, making it a timeless classic spanning various fashion eras and generations.

Hardwood Flooring

2.  Cleanliness & Health

Hardwood flooring is renowned for being extremely easy to clean. Unlike carpet, which holds onto bacteria and dirt like a sponge, modern hardwood flooring is airtight to stray particles and highly resistant to stains and liquids. Vacuum or sweep the floors at least once a month for a fresh shine and lighter atmosphere.

Because it is easily cleaned and generally more sanitary, hardwood flooring tends to be a healthier choice. Those suffering from illnesses affecting the lungs, such as asthma, COPD or even a common cold, can benefit from having better air quality due to clean floors. Allergies from springtime pollen or pets may be significantly alleviated as well.

Hardwood Flooring

3.  Durable & Long-Lasting

While hardwood floors may occasionally get dents or scrapes, it is generally more durable against heavy foot traffic than other flooring types. Even if it does suffer damage, the wood can be sanded and refinished without needing to be entirely replaced.

As long as the wood is manufactured up to standard and the floors are installed correctly, hardwood flooring can last a minimum of 100 years. Compare that to laminate flooring lasting for 15 to 25 years, vinyl flooring for 10 to 20 years, or carpet for 5 to 15 years.

Hardwood Flooring

4. A Cost-Effective Investment

Because hardwood flooring lasts at least 100 years, it is more affordable over time despite its costly installment. Other than refinishing every 7 to 10 years, it does not require any paid maintenance. On average, it costs $1.50 to $4 per square foot to refinish and stain hardwood floors. For a 10×10 room, that’s only $150 to $400 every decade.

Hardwood Flooring

5.  High Market Value

If you are selling your house and you have hardwood floors, you’re in luck! The vast majority of home buyers prefer hardwood flooring. As a result, your house will likely sell faster.

Carpets, unfortunately, detract from the market value of your home. Homebuyers rightly assume they are dirty and will have to pay to replace them. But if you don’t have hardwood floors yet, it’s not too late! It will be a worthwhile investment when the time comes for you to sell because hardwood flooring increases your home’s value3% to 5%.

Many factors played a role in its initial ascension to public favor. Still today, hardwood flooring continues to hold popularity due to its natural beauty, manageability, strength and value. Next time you’re looking to revamp your floors, hardwood flooring should be your top choice.

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