How to Safely Keep a Motorcycle at Your Chicago Apartment

Chicago apartments for renting

As Chicago is growing rapidly in every aspect of civilizations, new people are crowding in the city every day. It marks a major effect on the roads and traffic system of the place. Arrangedgrid systems, the roads of Chicago are aligned in a way that it is so easy to reach places. While the city has a good public transportation system with the Metra rail and taxis, residents still mostly commute to their destinations on foot or private vehicles. There are public parking services and garages throughout the city to ensure none face any problem while traveling.

If you got a motorcycle, the chances are that you may want to keep it as safe as possible to avoid damaging it, or worse, getting it stolen. Here are some tips for you to follow to provide your bike or motorcycle with maximum protection.

Find a Perfect Parking Spot

When you are visiting the garages of different Chicago apartments for renting, the chances are high that the garage doesn’t have a proper parking spot for motorcycles or bikes. As a result, finding out a suitable parking spot is mandatory. If you don’t own a car, you can park your motorcycle in a whole parking spot for a car.

If you have a car, it is advised to discuss the number of parking spots you can have with the owner. If they let you have an additional parking spot for your motorcycle, you can park it there. But make sure that other renters can see the motorcycle as they are pulling into the garage. You can either keep your motorcycle at the back of the stall or leave a mark or flag there. If you are not allowed to have a separate parking spot for your motorcycle, you can keep it sideside to your car on the same stall.

Chicago apartments for renting

Lock Your Motorcycle with Chains

It will be best to be able to park your motorcycle near a pole or similar object. Then you can chain down your motorcycle with it and make sure that it doesn’t get stolen. Typically, chains and locks are the prime obstacles for seasoned motorcycle or bike thieves. So, it surely is a good task you should perform every time you park.

Provide Covers

Keep your bike or motorcycle under a cover at all times when it is on the parking stall. It is related to weather and makes it less appealing in the eyes of others. You don’t want people to notice your shining or new motorcycle much, do you? Aside from that, it also keeps away rain and sun rays from damaging the surfaces of your motorcycle. Two birds at one stone!

Buy Safety Equipment

You can purchase additional safety tools to grant extra protection to your beloved two-wheeler. The disc lock alarm system is an amazing locking mechanism that increases safety. When it senses movement, it alerts with a loud sound and jams the wheels from moving unless unlocked. You can also install a GPS tracker on it if the worst happens, and you need to find it.


Finally, it is highly advised to have a proper motorcycle license with you whenever you are outside in Chicago. Also, having insurance for your vehicle is a good step you should take. All this will help you in case your bike or motorcycle gets stolen. Even though some people like to do it, but don’t show off with your motorcycle in your neighborhood to avoid attracting unwanted guests.

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