Choosing a Mattress Topper; Who Keeps You Awake?

Choosing a Mattress Topper; Who Keeps You Awake?

Do you also count frogs or maybe get itthe way!? No matter what you count, we think you should avoid such advanced tasks when you really should be sleeping. Choosing a mattress topper is at least as important as choosing the right bed. A good bed mattress is not only there to hold the sheets (although it is an excellent function with it) but it adapts to you and ensures that your body breathes, so that you do not get too cold or too hot or have pain in body in the morning. You should simply wake up rested without any animals in sight.

Are You a Cold Ice Cube or Hot Fire?

If you freeze very easily, it is important that you have a warming bed mattress, an example of this is a Tempur bed mattress where the material gives a warm and pressure-relieving mattress feeling. If, on the contrary, you are very warm when you sleep, it is good to choose a ventilating mattress that transports away moisture and heat. There are also bed mattresses that have two different sides, where one is for the warmer seasons and the other for the colder ones, so you can easily turn when needed.

When The Material Means Everything

If you are passionate about natural materials, we recommend that you choose a bed mattress, then you get a comfortable mattress with the best conditions for a sustainable idea in the home. If you instead have problems with pain in the body and then especially in the back, a bed mattress with a firm feeling can be something for you. Most bed mattresses have a solid fabric, but there are also models with removable fabric that you can easily wash if needed. Otherwise, we recommend that you supplement your purchase with a bed mattress cover so the mattress stays nice for many years to come.

Is Your Bed Stool?

When you are going to buy and choose a bed mattress, it is also important that you consider whether your bed still has the features and comfort you need. If the bed is very old, it may be time to replace it before you just replace the bed mattress. What can occur when you put a new bed mattress on a worn-out bottom is that you lose the properties that make the bed mattress good, you must have support from below for the bed mattress and its qualities to be useful.

Different Bed Mattresses


A simple but very affordable mattress. We did a full review and find that a core of highly elastic polyether and a comfort layer of soft polyester fiber make you lie comfortably. The removable quilted fabric can be washed, which makes the mattress perfect for you who have small children. This is a bed mattress with a firm feel.


The core of this bed mattress is made of zoned, ventilating natural latex that adapts perfectly to your body and a comfort layer of polyester fiber. The quilted fabric can be easily removed and washed. A flexible bed mattress that is available in two thicknesses.


A best-selling favorite! Supersoft bed mattress with a lovely soft and supple feeling. Supersoft contains a pickled core of highly elastic polyether that provides a very soft and comfortable lying position. The top layer around consists of polyester fiber that efficiently transports away moisture and heat. This bed mattress is for you who want ah a Puffy Lux and thick mattress with a soft feeling.


An extra soft and flexible mattress where your body is ventilated efficiently with the help of a zoned natural latex that shapes itself to your body and provides optimal pressure distribution. Thanks to the exclusive comfort layer, not only excess body heat is dissipated but also mites, fungi and bacteria. This mattress is for you who want a soft and fluffy bed mattress but still with a supple feeling.

Bed Mattress Luxury

Bed mattress Luxury is what it is called. A product of the highest quality created from the best materials on the market. With a core made of high density foam, it provides superior compliance to the body and dimensional stability. Perfect for you who want a slightly firmer and more flexible bed mattress without compromising on softness.

Bed Mattress Classic

Classic is a high-quality bed mattress that is built on a core of softfoam. The mattress is developed to give a stable and very comfortable feeling. This is a bed mattress for you who want a very firm feeling in your bed.

Bed Mattress Exclusive

With an exclusive talalayl latex core, you get a bed mattress with a completely unique feeling. A material that with unbeatable results follows all the body’s shapes and at the same time stands for the best resilience over time. Around the latex plate, the bed mattress is padded with smart fiber which effectively dissipates moisture and heat from the body and is also repellent to dust and mites. The surface feeling is perfect when the body lands in the cool and tightly woven fabric woven in 100% cotton. With a well-ventilated edge seam, the air in the mattress can move freely to cool your body and create a healthy environment during deep sleep. This bed mattress is for you who want extra everything; a soft, fluffy, enveloping and flexible mattress that is also ventilating.

Choosing A Mattress Pad Is as Easy as A Blanket … or?

It’s not always easy, that’s why we are happy to answer your questions and concerns when it comes to a new mattress pad or bed.

Your dreams are our most important assignment, so do not hesitate to visit us if you have questions or we are just a call or email away.

Do you feel that you already know exactly which bed mattress is right for you? We think it’s great and our mission is complete, we look forward to delivering your new bed mattress!

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