Interior Design Tips That Will Make your Home a Cosier Place

Interior Design Tips That Will Make your Home a Cosier Place

One of the key things to achieve through interior designs and home décor is comfort and cosiness. You want your space- be it a single room or a large mansion- to be welcoming and warm for guests, while also providing you a cosy and intimate hide-out space.

Any place where you live, whether it’s a rented apartment room, a hostel room, a condo or a full-fledged house, needs to be a safe space. It is essential to human nature that the space he/she inhabits is a relaxing and calm one.

However, sometimes, you are left with a feeling of unease regarding your interior designs. Are you wondering that something doesn’t add up in your home décor? Are you feeling uncomfortable with the interior designs of your space? If the answers to the above questions are “yes”, then maybe you need suggestions to alter your interior designs and home décor for a more relaxed space.

Here are some tips that will help you make any space more comfortable and cosier:

Make sure the room has warm lighting: If you think that a space feels uncomfortable, you must beginexamining the light sources of the room. Firstly, try to use warmer tones of light to illuminate your room and avoid cooler lights. Try to keep the temperature of the light within 3000 kelvins.

Also, it is advisable to not have too much overhead light which will make your home décor look brighter than it needs to be! Instead of having a single bright light, you can use the technique of task lightingadding a number of task lights like bed-side lamps, reading lamps, scented candles or any other form of ambience lighting (like chandeliers, penchant lamps etc.) The goal is to create multiple clusters of light in the interior designs of your space. Place these lights around a focal point of home décor to make it look extra-fancy!

Finally, using string lights can also create a beautiful bohemian home décor, especially if you are going for modern interior designs. Drape the string lights around a picture frame or put them in colourful glass bottles for a contemporary interior décor.

Liven up your room with plants and flowers: Adding any living creature to your home décor will add a lot of energy to your interior designs.

While you can use faux plants for decoration, avoid using them if they look too fake. There are several plants which are low maintenance and can be grown indoors. Philodendron plants, for example, are ideal for interior home décor. It will be a better idea to also place certain flowing plants like a peace lily plant or colourful plants like the wandering jew plant to add spice to your interior designs. Other indoor plants include boston fern, string of pearls, mistletoe cactus etc.

Also, you can add fresh flowers within interesting vases in your room for a lively home décor. As we talk about living creatures, you could also add a goldfish bowl to your room.

Add rugs, carpets and curtains to cosy up: A bare floor can be both drab and chilly to feel, making one feel extremely uncomfortable. Adding rugs and carpets to your home décor will lead to an unimaginable comfort in the room.

You can have both carpets and rugs as part of your home décor but make sure they are integrated to the overall interior design of your home. Similarly, use warm-toned and decorative curtains to increase cosinessadding privacy to your space.

Additionally, make sure that your bathroom has a plush bathmat.

Add enough texture to your space: Texture, which refers to the surface quality of items, can be an important interior design trick to cosy up the spacemaking your home décor items more “touchable”.

While planning your interior designs, try to use textiles and materials for furniture and home décor which have a ‘feel-good’ experience when they are touched. Using soft and fluffy home-décor items is an easy solution. However, you can choose to stack or pile books or place mugs and other decorative items, depending on the thematic of your interior designs.

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