Is Your Hot Water Heater Making Noises? Here’s How to Solve the Problem

Hot Water Heater

Every house needs a water heater for the cold season and is considered to be one of the most useful appliances for a home. Since the water heater works non-stop during the cold season, it is incredibly prudent to keep an eye on it because it can have minute wear and tear, which will need fixing. One of the common problems with a water heater is the weird noises that it starts to make.

You might hear tapping, screeching, knocking, and even humming noises, and when you do, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to escalate, call a Plumber in Chula Vista and fix it as soon as possible. Even though it is quite a common problem, it’s still a problem and needs to be treated accordingly.

These are the four sounds that you will hear.

The Humming Sound

Humming sounds that come out of the water heater are problematic, but they are pretty annoying. When you hear a humming sound, it will mostly be the indicator for loose components. This sound may also occur when the water heater is getting used too much, which is a heavy workload. Humming sounds will occur during the vibrations which are happening within the heater. It will require only a simple fix provided you have caught the issue soon.

The best way to get rid of this sound will be to tighten all the necessary elements that have to loosen up because they are the primary source of humming sound. However, while doing this, one needs to take extreme precautions. Dealing with a water heater unit is not an easy thing. If you can’t do it, call a plumber in Tarzana for help and assistance.

The Knocking and Hammering Sound

If you hear a knocking or hammering sound, then there is probably a crash in the shutoff valves. This sound is often called the water hammering sound. The noise will be quite loud and usually an indication that something is seriously wrong with the water heater. If you hear this kind of noise, don’t waste your time. Turn off the water heater, and call a plumber in Yorba Linda for assistance.

If you can fix the water heater on your own, then what you can do is visit the local hardware store. Buy a water hammer arrestor because that’s what will be needed. You can install them on your own or use the same to fix this sound. If you can’t do it, just call a plumber to do the needful.

Hot Water Heater

The Screaming or Screeching Sound

While turning on the water heater, if you end up hearing screeching or screaming sounds, this could indicate that the valves of the water lines aren’t working correctly. In case the check valves aren’t able to open completely, then the water is unfortunately forced to come out, which builds tremendous pressure, and this screaming or screeching sound occurs.

The right solution for this would be to get the valves checked once. You need to make sure that valves can close and open completely. You won’t be able to do much on your own, hence calling in a professional makes sense.

The Taping Sound

The last sound that you may hear is the tapping sound. This happens when the valves need to be replaced or adjusted. However, there could be a more significant problem, such as sediment building up in the tank.

Even for this problem, there isn’t much that you can do. Call a professional help to look into the issue and provide assistance accordingly.

Wrapping Up

These are few common sounds that you may hear. Even though the two of them have solutions, it is always better to call a Plumber in San Jose for the best solution. They are professionals, and they are the experts.