Best Lighting Tips to Update Your Home from Simple to Luxury:

Best Lighting Tips to Update Your Home from Simple to Luxury:

Maybe you lived in your house for decades and now it’s time to make some updates and sometimes simple changes can bring huge differences. Home renovation is something that can go so heavy on your pocket and looks merely impossible for the people who cannot afford within the money they earn. So that’s why I am going to give you a few best lighting tips for home that will update your homes’ overall look without the need for a total remodel. You can also visit the best interior designers in Dubai that will make your residential and commercial place more attractive and beautiful.

Lighting Tips for Home:

Lighting Tips for Home

Use Lights of Different Sizes:

Do not use lights of the same size in your house otherwise; they will not be eye catchy at all. Lights of different sizes and intensity should be chosen to make them more clearly and attractively visible to the eyes of people. For the larger room such as the dining room or family room, a chandler can be perfect to make a great focal point. In the smaller rooms or bedrooms, you can use floor lamps or small wall lamps to give a perfect warm look to your room.

Do not Overdo Light

Never use excessive lights in your home especially in your bedroom. There is a sufficient level of light and after that, there is overdoing it. You do not need to install beam lights or spotlights in every room, although that will be brightly lit but you will lose the ambiance you need to get benefit from. Choosing the perfect mixture of light is essential to give serenity in your bedroom according to your bedroom features, this is known as blending, and can transform your room. Try to avoid excessive brightness because the atmosphere is everything. One size fits all approach can limit the potential for each room while renovating. Light selection would depend upon the size and shape of the room and how much natural light comes in.

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

It is always better to choose LED bulbs to save energy and bills and it is 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. It can make a big impact on your energy use with less heat and more light at a lower cost. LED lights are made without any harsh material and do not emit UV rays. They also have a much longer lifespan than any other traditional light bulb. LEDs are way cooler than incandescent lights and have less chance of combustion and burnt fingers. LEDs are made with epoxy glass lenses instead of traditional glass and have less chance of breakage.

Choose Wisely if on a Budget

Not everyone is on a bottomless supply of cash while doing home renovation so always try to keep home lighting as your top priority. When you are on a budget in home renovation you cannot leave the lighting as an afterthought. You do not need a higher budget to install every room with expensive lights. You can select less-expensive but good quality lights for every place in your home.

Select Light According to Features of Individual Rooms

The more natural light you allow to let in the more that will be beneficial. Rooms look fantastic with the sunbeams coming in from the window falling on your floors. But when the sun sets you are left with no other option but to rely on artificial lights to look and feel its best. Sometimes only natural light in the daytime does not show the best qualities of a room alone so it is always best to compliment the natural light coming in with the floor lamp or desk lamp gives the impression of greater dimension.

Install Dimmer Switches on as Many Lights as You can

You should always install dimmer switches on as many lights as you can to prevent the wastage of light at the time of less light requirement. Dimmers give you flexibility and control that few other lighting features can offer. They can transform a task-oriented space into a welcoming room you never want to leave. We can also adjust light at night and day time according to our need.

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