De Joya 2 New Capital, Repetition of Prosperity

De Joya 2 New Capital, Repetition of Prosperity

The success of any project depends on many factors, one of these factors is commitment, this exact element was a priority for Taj Misr the founder of De Joya 2 New Capital compound’s project.

The company that was founded in the year 2006, and have implemented multiple projects over the last 15 years has proven their credibility through establishing multiple projects such as:

  • Ezdan Mall on the New Administrative Capital
  • De Joya Strip Mall in the New Capital
  • De Joya Compound, the successful project that preceded De Joya 2 Compound

The above-mentioned projects have pushed Taj Misr toward repeating their success on De Joya 2, with getting benefit from the past experiences through implementing that and presenting it on the designs of their new projects and through providing the real customer’s and project’s needs.

This accumulated experience has also helped Taj Misr to read the customers minds more clearly and know all of the interests and needs they could need within the compound.

Here we will mention some of the features that were offered by Taj Misr in De Joya 2 New Capital:

  • A Special Area was created for the sake of children’s entertainment
  • A Clubhouse and a Cinema for those who are interested on watching movies
  • There is a dedicated sports area plus a GYM that has Jakuzzi, Spa and Sauna
  • Wide green areas that refresh the mood surrounds all the units and the buildings
  • Roof gardens over the buildings of De Joya 2 Compound

All these features and more do exist within the compound.

But, what are the privileges of having an apartment, flat or villa in De Joya 2 New Capital?

The most important thing is the name of the developer company. As we said before the commitment is one of the most important traits when it comes to purchasing on the real estate industry.

People usually put a huge amount of their savings to buy in De Joya 2 New Capital or in any other project, and they won’t pay these huge amounts unless they could trust the company that established the project itself.

Regarding the areas and prices of De Joya 2 New Capital, it varies as per the system of payment, these systems are divided into studios that start from 70 meters and villas that reach 400 meters with prices that start from 750,000 EGP (10,500 EGP per meter for Semi-Finished Apartments) with an extra deposit of 8% for maintenance.

The finishing system on De Joya 2 New Capital is considered semi-finished, and in case the buyer wanted a fully finished apartment (Super-Lux) they can agree upon that within the contract.