How to Baby Proof Your Home and Floors?

Baby Proof

Raising a baby is not an easy job and it requires a lot of attention to details, beginning from baby proofing your home. Baby proofing your house is an absolutely essential task, if you have a baby, as everyone knows how dangerous it can be when they’re learning the world around them. Although it’s understood that parents can’t leave their babies alone or unattended, but god forbid, they can still get hurt if your home is not in shape for them. Read on to know how you can make your home a safe place for your baby.

Everything Sharp Needs to Go:

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The foremost thing to do is to remove all the things that are sharp or spiky from all the places where your baby might spend most of his/her time. If this is not possible, make sure to keep such objects out of their reach. It is essential to keep your baby’s nursery clean and free from the objects that are small enough to fit in their mouth, as babies have the habit of putting everything in their mouth. The rule of thumb is that- anything that can easily fit inside an empty toilet paper tube can easily choke a baby. Make sure to secure the corners of all your furniture with corner guards, which are easily available at any baby specialty store.

Baby Proof the Floors:

Rugs and Carpets can keep your baby safe from experiencing any slip or fall, especially during their toddler years. If your baby’s nursery has wooden or tiled flooring, laying baby room rugs or wall-to-wall carpets in their playing area can help in keeping them safe. Just make sure to regularly vacuum your rug or steam clean your carpet to keep it fresh and clean for your baby. You can also make a “no-shoe” policy for your house till an age where your baby is no longer crawling and picking up everything from the floor and sticking it in the mouth. If you have untidy floors or broken tiles make sure to attend to them for the safety and health of your baby.

Baby Proof Electrical Outlets:

Play Days Rainbow For Heroes Multi Kids Rug by Flair RugsYou must all be aware of the dangers that come with wires and wall outlets, especially if you have toddlers in your house who like to poke their fingers or pull on the wires at every opportunity they get. Make sure that your house doesn’t have any exposed electrical outlets or any dangling electrical wires that your baby has easy access to. To deal with wall sockets, just purchase an outlet plug from any baby specialty store near you. You can also just tape the wall socket securely for a more affordable solution this will easily prevent your baby from poking their little fingers into the socket.

Baby Proof the Bathroom:

As soon as your baby starts crawling, they will start following you around the house. They may also follow you to the bathroom as well. A bathroom with a tub full of water or a bucket of water can be extremely dangerous for your kid. Make sure to get toilet seat locks that will prevent your baby from taking that exploring adventure in the toilet. Make sure that any harmful products are kept away from the reach of your baby, any electrical appliance present should be hidden away to avoid any electrical accidents. A lock should be put on both the bathroom door and the toilet seats so that babies can’t enter their unescorted. The moral of the story is, the bathroom is no place for babies by themselves, hence baby-proofing the bathroom with bathroom runners should be a must.

Baby Proof the Terrace & the Stairs:

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If the railing on your balcony doesn’t have any narrow balusters, make sure to get fiberglass sheets or some other kind of soft netting professional installed to prevent your baby from trying to climb them or go in between them. Make sure to install a baby gate, as babies love to go up and down stairs hence installing a baby gate is a perfect solution to avoid any accidents.

Baby Proof the Kitchen:

Kitchens are the place where parents are more likely to get distracted. Whether you are cleaning or cooking, you’ll have to turn your back at some point. Hence you need to make sure that your kitchen is baby-proofed to prevent any accidents from occurring. Firstly, reorganize. Any detergents or cleaning supplies that you might have stored in the lower cabinets need to be moved away to the very top ones. Make sure that all the bottom cabinets in your kitchen have safety latches, but even so, make sure to keep things that are sake for your baby, just in case your baby finds them, For example- pots, pans, plastic containers, etc. The same rule applies to drawers, remove any sharp objects or plastic, paper bags and keep them in the top drawers. Any medication, supplements, or vitamins that you take should be kept in a cabinet or drawers away from the reach of your baby or with a safety latch on it. Keep objects such as magnets or small decorative items in places that are high up, as they can be choking hazards for babies. Make sure to unplug small electrical appliances such as toasters, kettles, coffee pots when not in use, and make sure that the electrical cables are not left to dangle.

Baby Proof the Nursery:

Make sure to place the baby wipes or supplies away from the reach of your baby, but where you can easily reach them from the changing table. Put a baby room rug or a carpet below the changing table or in the entire nursery, to prevent any fall or slip-ups. Make sure to position your baby’s crib away from the window, lamps, heaters, cords, or wall decoration. Also, make sure to finish all the wallpaper work or painting at least eight weeks before the arrival of your baby is expected to avoid exposing your baby to any potentially harmful fumes. Check that none of the crib slats are more than 2 and3/8 inches apart and all the bolts and screws are tight. Do not leave any gaps between the mattress and the crib. Make sure to keep comforters, bumpers, blankets, pillows, and toys out of the crib and away from the reach of your baby. Another good tip is to have a thick rug to cushion any falls around the cot, some safe toy boxes preferably ones without lids, so nothing can catch fingers or fall on the baby’s head. Finger-pinch guards are good all around the house for all hinges on doors.