7 Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Right Now

7 Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Right Now

Video marketing is the creation of a real estate video that will bring your real estate business to a particular set of individuals or prospective buyers. It is important to have the right branding approach to bring in as many prospects to your business as possible.

Your approach must be unique when it comes to your realty firm’s name, business card, and website. Your marketing videos too are no different, and your colors, typefaces, and logos need to be brandedyourself.

Video shows key elements of your real estate business in an influential manner. Various kinds of real estate films are available. These may constitute a company video, a testimonial video, a regular workday, and the list goes on.

All this sounds wonderful in principle, but how should you proceed if you are looking to create a video for your business? So, if you are looking for real estate marketing video ideas, here is a list of 7 types of videos that you can create right now! Let’s get right to it!

7 Impactful Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Business

1. Real Estate Agent Profile Videos

Targeted agent profile clips are produced to highlight the personality and character of a real estate agent, and offer social evidence to demonstrate his worth as a team professional. Agents with a personal brand are already a step forward.

When shooting an agent profile video, try avoiding snapshots while talking to the camera. Add some of your pictures with customers and demonstrate an open house. Finish with a reminder of how important you are to purchase and sell an individual’s property.

This allows you to connect to potential customers personally and increase your confidence in your capacity to succeed. You may successfully persuade a client to invest via an engaging marketing strategy and customized videos.

2. Property Listicle Videos

Without listing videos, no element of real estate video marketing would be complete. Include unique lists in your videos and promote virtual tour property listings.

You may create numerous pictures of your property and video recordings using your mobile smartphone. Mashable says 73 percent prefer to employ registrants who utilize online video for marketing purposes.

3. Appealing Social Media Videos

You are likely to advertise your social media video lists already. What you may not think about is that brevity is your favourability for property videos.

Social media real estate marketing video is different from what you see on YouTube and on your website. They are shorter and customized precisely to a particular audience preference.

You may also examine the format of the video since they are often viewed on mobile devices. Make sure your social media accounts are included in all videos for improved lead generation.

4. Property Demonstration Videos

In the United States alone, there are over 2 million real estate agents and brokers. The creation of educational films explaining a business is a method to distinguish yourself from a trusted and crowded expert.

Creative Online Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Success

5. Social Media Stories

You should keep in mind exporting the vertical version of your FB and IG videos to share. It is crucial that you tailor your video to the right dimensions before you deploy it on a target social media platform.

For example, when you create real estate videos for Facebook or Instagram, a squared video would be more suitable on the platform. Similarly, when you target platforms such as Reddit or Twitter, a squared video would perform much better.

Therefore, you need to keep these tiny points in mind when developing videos for social media stories. If this seems too much for you, there are options like InVideo that can help you in repurposing a single video for several social media platforms at the click of a button.

6. AMA Videos

There are numerous inquiries throughout the whole process of purchasing a home. It may be quite complicated whether it’s the real estate itself, the real estate team, or anything trivial like taxes.

One method you may assist and engage these individuals is via a question and answer video. You are able to accomplish this on a social media live video or a shooting on YouTube or on your website. Q&A may enjoy and offer your immense value to your audience!

A real-estate video is awesome for driving in more prospects. You may start planning and producing your content after you determine your objectives and the best method to get there! Each video type offers a different outreach goal.

7. Virtual Property Tours

Renters or purchasers may find it challenging to visit many homes while exploring their options.

Creating a property overview video may be a fantastic method to give a feel of the whole property, facilities, and area in order to allow stakeholders to take the necessary steps to plan a virtual tour with you.

Combine it with some pictures of goods and real estate and in minutes you have a fantastic promotional film!


Include contact information on YouTube and Facebook in the title and descriptions of your video. Get a link back to your website that’s simple to discover. On YouTube, the title and description are the same as on Google.

Video creation may be tough and it’s usually uncomfortable to start appearing on your camera. But there’s no need to feel uncomfortable or timid if you practice and be yourself.

The greatest thing you can do is to be relatable, it may be tiring instead of humiliating if you make a mistake or mix your words. If you do not feel confident, take your time and practice in the mirror. Don’t attempt to be a false person! You are the greatest version of yourself!

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