Burnaby Furnace Repair, Installation, And Heating Service

Burnaby Furnace Repair, Installation, And Heating Service

One of the more essential investments in your home is your HVAC system. This includes a furnace that will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. It pays to get the right appliance, install it correctly, and know when to replace the existing one.

As one of the most expensive components in your home, it’s helpful if you can keep track of your appliance and know whether it’s still effective in keeping you warm without needing to pay more. It’s best to talk to the experts of furnace repair Burnaby lists or whichever is nearest you for that matter, to see if it’s time to install a new one or do repairs with your existing furnace. This way, you can prevent accidental explosions in your basement, or you know when your appliance starts to become unsafe.

Signs of Replacement

If you have a natural gas furnace that is older than a decade and you know that it hasn’t been adequately maintained, it’s time to look for options in the market. This way, you can get a new and safer one with a technology that operates more efficiently. Perform regular maintenancecalling the experts in Burnaby. They know what to check, and they have the tools to do repairs whenever there’s a need for them.

Red Flags to Consider

It’s crucial to be aware of the red flags that indicate that your furnace needs to be replaced. You should never wait until it needs replacement. When your furnace falters or stops working in the middle of winter, this may be the right time to get a professional for advice. Schedule the repairs or maintenance if you hear the following sounds:

Popping: The pops that you may hear all through the night may be causedfluctuations in temperature. This is primarily causedaffected parts because they go from cool to hot or the other way around.

Rattling: The rattling sounds may be causedloose parts or ducts. This is when you call a professional in Burnaby to check if the issue is on the equipment or ductwork. Discuss options for repairs or replacement of your heating device.

Screeching: Screeching may mean that the appliance is damaged or there’s something wrong with the motor blower. This can also be causedan issue on the pulley or belt, especially if you have an old furnace system.

Humming: The humming sounds are sometimes causedthe blower motors whenever they are operating. See more about the other components and parts of your furnace on this site: https://www.hvachowto.com/gas-furnace-components-and-parts-explained/. If you hear humming that’s too loud, it can be a warning sign that you need to invest in a new furnace.

Clicking: Clicking noises may mean an igniter or flaming sensor needs fixing as soon as possible. This is usually common, and it can be repaired or diagnosed during routine maintenance.

Loud Booming Sound: You should never ignore a loud booming sound as a severe gas emission can cause thisyour appliance. This is a noise that’s because of a delay in the process of ignition. However, this spells trouble if you smell the lingering gas odor in the air. Contact the pros right away to see what’s going on.

About the Temperature Fluctuations

Another indicator that may tell you that you need a new furnace is when there are frequent temperature fluctuations in your room. The sudden freezing air that hits you in the middle of the night is one of the tell-tale signs that your appliance is not working correctly.

If you have a heating appliance nearing its 15-year mark, it’s expected that it will be less efficient over time. They can even suddenly stop working at the time when you rely on them to heat your rooms. In some cases, they can work fine in the middle of the day, but the heat is not adequately distributed throughout the lower and upper floors.

Soot is Beginning to Get Collected Near the Registers


If you are a homeowner, it can be unpleasant to find too much dust and black soot lingering throughout your bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. If you don’t remove this promptly, the soot will damage the shelves, chairs, couches, and other furniture that’s made of wood.

You might also want to observe the plants that you have in your home. If you start noticing dead leaves and flowers around, this can signal lower levels of moisture. It can be an indication that the old furnace is producing a lot of carbon dioxide.

It helps if you can remove all the accumulated soot from your HVAC system, usually found near the registers. Read this article about HVAC systems in this link here. Check the grille and the air duct cover to ensure no debris, dust, and soot’s blocking the airflow.

Higher Energy Bills

Most heating systems reach their peak at about 15 years. At this point, it will become harder for your furnace to heat up the rooms evenly. You’ll notice this when you receive a massive spike in your electric bills each month.

If you’re wondering when the best time is to call the experts in Burnaby, compare your bills and the costs of repair, and see which one is higher. The newer models today have technologies that will help you save a lot each month.

Another advantage in using them is you know that they won’t fail you in the middle of the winter, and they have warranties that can cover unexpected repairs in the first few years of using them. Switch to another type of heating option like zone control systems or radiant heating if these work for you.

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