Five Reasons To Buy Amish Furniture

Five Reasons To Buy Amish Furniture

The best features of this fast-growing community are its simple farming lifestyle and unique language. It also produces some of the finest wood furnishings in the world.

No matter which part of your home you are furnishing, or if you simply want an accent piece, Amish furniture offers many advantages.

These five compelling reasons should convince you to purchase Amish furniture making.

1. Manufactured In The Usa

Amish communities have flourished in America since they first settled here in the early 1700s.

Instead of buying mass-produced furniture from abroad, why not support American workers? This type of furniture can be cherished for generations to come when made by these skilled craftspeople.

They often support themselves (or their entire family) through the sale of furniture, which is fundamental to their faith. This is a great way to buy American-made products if you are among the 75% who do so.

2. Exceptional Durability And Quality

Have you ever purchased cheap furniture and then discarded it? Invest in long-lasting furniture made by Amish artisans.

Many mass-produced pieces of furniture are made from veneers of wood and chemicals. The Amish use solid wood exclusively for their furniture, which is unique in its design.

Due to the use of only the finest natural materials, Amish furniture can last a lifetime.

How will your children or grandchildren feel about a piece you pass down? This is what Amish furniture is all about.

3. Appearances Are Timeless

Furniture made by Amish craftsmen remains fashionable despite trends that come and go.

Wood furniture made by hand has a classic look that transcends time. They pay attention to proportion and balance in virtually every piece of furniture they create.

What did you think of it? Stylish, functional pieces that are simple, no matter how much other fashion trends change.

Are you unaware of what Amish furniture looks like? Learn more about our collection.

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4. Environmentally Conscious

The majority of Amish work is done manually in order to avoid relying on public electricity. This makes corporate factories much less environmentally friendly than their workplaces.

As well as avoiding hazardous substances such as fire retardants and formaldehyde, they also avoid synthetic adhesives. Their lumber comes from sustainable sources.

The product will last for decades (or centuries) and will be a valuable addition to your city’s landfills.

5. Low Maintenance

One of the reasons to buy Amish furniture is that it requires little maintenance.

With just a simple dusting cloth, you can keep it shiny and clean. Keep it polished once or twice a year to maintain its appearance for a long time.

A Final Thought On Amish Furniture

There are many benefits to purchasing Amish furniture over mass-produced furniture.

As well as getting something of exceptional quality, you will be supporting an American community that works hard.

Bookcases and bed posts aren’t the only components of Amish furniture. You can also shop for Amish-made outdoor furniture and decor.