What Should I Do About My Cat’s Grooming?

What Should I Do About My Cat’s Grooming?

Cats are meticulous about their appearance, but occasionally they aren’t able to groom themselves well enough on their own. You may wonder whether you should get your cat professionally groomed, and if so, how often should they be groomed.

Before you book an appointment with cat grooming in Columbus, Ohio, you should consider what a professional cat groomer can do and if anything is beyond your knowledge.

Why Do Cats Need Grooming?

Let’s startasking why you should take your cat to a professional if they bathe themselves? Well, cats do groom themselves, ensuring a shiny coat and healthy skin, but they can’t reach everything. Therefore, they must be brushed regularly.

You contribute to the health and wellbeing of your cat when you groom it. The ASPCA recommends brushing cats one or two times a week to keep them healthy and radiant. It’s especially important to schedule regular grooming sessions when your cat ages and is no longer able to do so meticulously on its own.”

Regular brushing can also help keep their fur smooth and shiny, as well as:

  • Hair should be removed
  • Reduce tangles
  • Reduce hairballs
  • Debris and dirt must be removed
  • Greencross Vets says that grooming helps you to identify areas of irritation and lumps and bumps hidden under all that fur.

Professional Cat Grooming is Necessary

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other? - Catster

Matted or tangled fur is one of the most common reasons for cats to need professional grooming, especially long-haired ones. Some other issues, however, may also require expert assistance, such as if your cat has a temper or you are uncomfortable with your grooming skills.

Matted fur severely

The ideal schedule for brushing or combing a short-haired cat is once or twice per week, and once or twice per day for long-haired cats. The right cat grooming tools and techniques make brushing your cat much easier. Nonetheless, some cat parents find it difficult to handle the task.

If the fur on your cat’s backside is scraggly and catches remnants of litter box visits, for instance, you might consider taking your cat to a professional. Those are tricky tangles to detangle, and your cat may not be happy about you cleaning them up.

You should avoid cutting your cat’s hair with scissors because you may cut their skin, which is very thin. Extreme situations may require your cat to be shaved instead of brushed. If your cat’s fur is so matted that you cannot brush or comb it, consider consulting a professional pet groomer.

She brushes a grey cat with big green eyes looking toward the camera as she wears red.

Anxious or feisty cat

A few cats dislike being touchedhumans, which makes grooming a bit of a challenge. Kitties are routinely put at easeprofessional groomers while they are being cleaned.

Getting your cat into a carrier can be a stressful situation in and of itself, so why not let the groomer come to you? There are now many companies that offer mobile grooming services, so your cat can enjoy the spa treatment wherever it is most comfortable. If you need pet care, make sure you thoroughly research each company to find one you can rely on.

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