Office Renovation Ideas – Decorative Laminates To The Rescue

Office Renovation Ideas - Decorative Laminates To The Rescue

The modern economy demands mobility, flexibility, and functionality. Just having a desktop and filing cabinets aren’t enough anymore. As an office owner, you need to bring a change in the concept of work and how it’s done. That includes changing the look of your place, and decorative laminates are the way to go with your latest office renovation project.

A dynamic laminate design is more than just quality and durability. It can spark creativity within your team and considering its extensive functionality, might be the perfect way of transforming the look of your office furniture and setting new trends.

Why Decorative Laminate Sheets are a Good Idea for Office Renovation?


The decorative and high pressure laminates from Royale Touche gives you the option of eco-friendly laminate sheets. They are madelayering kraft paper, one over the other under huge pressure and held in placea robust and natural resin. This makes it a lot more biodegradable than most other options in the market. They also help lower carbon levels in the room, making them safe for use. The high pressure laminate sheets are also extremely durable in nature. Their long lifespan ensures fewer replacements, which can only be good news for the environment.


Decorative laminates aren’t only a great investment in the short term but also in the long term. The unique build of its surface makes the laminate sheets immune to spills and splashes. You can easily wipe them off simply with a piece of damp cloth. There’s no need to waste your money n expensive chemicals. The fact that laminate sheets are extraordinarily durable also means that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket any time soon.

Fresh Look

The versatile nature of laminate sheets gives you plenty of options to choose from. From shades, textures to size, you can customize unique laminate designs to give a fresh look to your office space. It can help create a more comfortable and mobile work environment that leads to connectedness and better collaboration. With proper lighting and the right laminate design, you can also make your office a more creative space for better productivity of your employees.

Office Renovation Ideas with Decorative Laminates

Rethinking the Reception Area

Reception is the first thing your clients or customers see when they enter your establishment. Thus, adding a splash of colour and creativity to this space can never hurt. It’s better to rethink the design of your reception in the style of a lounge.

Using high gloss, anti-fingerprint laminate sheets can be a great choice for giving your reception a facelift. The decor will be immune to scratches and smears and will minimize the necessity to clean them frequently.

Adding a Creative Corner

Decorative laminates can be a great way to get creativity flowing among your team. The best way to do that isgetting a creative corner installed in your office. A chalkboard or marker laminate can be the perfect solution for you.

These laminate designs encourage collaboration within the team, as every employee can write their ideas on the surface, and the rest of the team can discuss and deliberate on them more freely. You can also do something different and install custom green laminate solutions that reflect the nature outside. It can be the perfect tonic to make your team feel refreshed and apply themselves better.

Using Prints

You don’t want dull grey walls in your office. They are the biggest culprits for dampening the mood in your workplace. Instead, go for vibrant and aesthetic designs that can create a positive and inspiring vibe in your office.

With Royale Touche, you get to select from a wide range of decorative laminates that come in all shapes, colours, and textures. You can also spice things upgoing for custom designs for cubicle partitions and accent walls.

When choosing a laminate design, you can also move away from the more traditional box shapes and straight lines. Instead, opt for something more appealing. Use flexible laminate sheets to create curved angles or think “out of the box”, and choose innovative laminate designs.

Rethink Storage

Laminate countertops lend themselves brilliantly to be used as work desks. However, you can do much more with them. Line up the countertops against a wall and transform them into a storage facility. High pressure laminates will be perfect for the application.

Their sturdy build will be enough to support most of your office equipment, including printers, scanners, and books. Utilize the space underneath the countertopsimprovising a filing cabinet or storage cart in there.

You can also use this idea to rethink the design of your office breakroom. Laminate countertops can also be a great place for your microwaves and coffee machines and be a great addition to the decor of your breakroom.

Your office doesn’t have to be a dull and boring place anymore. Decorative laminates can help you quirk up the place in your own way and are the perfect choice for your next renovation project. With unique laminate designs and creative applications, you can instantly transform any space’s look.

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