Things You Should Know About Residential Lawn Maintenance

Things You Should Know About Residential Lawn Maintenance

Residential lawn care might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are considering how to prepare your house for different seasons or keep it in good condition. In reality, your home’s value can be increasedmaintaining a well-kept lawn, and a well-kept lawn makes a house stand out from the rest. Here’s everything you need to know about Residential lawn maintenance.

Cutting Rules Doesn’t Have A “When” Or “How Often” Component.

You don’t have to cut your grass every week. As a substitute for mow every two weeks or every week, aim to reshape the grass once every third of a week. You need to cut more often if you want your grass to be short. For example, if you want your grass to be one inch long, you need to cut before it grows half an inch. The grass needs to grow about an inch longer (let’s say two inches) before it needs to be cut. When estimating your lawn’s length, eyeball the measurements rather than getting your ruler out every few days. Longer grass is generally easier to maintain. In addition to requiring less cutting, it also creates shade, making weeds more difficult to grow.

Grass is Wacky.

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You still need to get rid of weeds on your lawn even if you don’t like the way they look. They not only rob other plants of water and nutrients, but they can also irritate allergies, scratch skin, and harbor insects or diseases. Weeds spread quickly, so they may have taken over your backyard before you realize what’s happening. After you’ve tried pulling or poisoning them, it would be wise to hire a professional lawn care company.

Drainage is Also Important.

While many people dislike yards full of puddles, only a few realize how much damage poor drainage does. Additionally, it can damage your foundation, make your plants sick, and ruin your lawn in addition to making your yard look like a lake. The good news is that poor drainage can be fixed. There are many types of drainage solutions, some of which can be appliedhomeowners, while others need the assistance of a residential lawn care service. You can determine which type will work best for youobserving your yard after a heavy rain and then doing some research. Sometimes you can hire a company to give you a yard consultation if nothing else works.

The Level Of Maintenance You Choose Is Up To You.

You can control the maintenance level of your lawn despite the fact that bigger lawns take more time to cut. There are many types of grasses, plants, and features, and if you stick with low maintenance items, your residential lawn care time can be drastically reduced. Features such as pools, decks, and vegetable gardens require more maintenance. Low-maintenance alternatives like sedge, clovers, and gravel look good but take little maintenance.

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