Dining Chair Dimensions: How to Choose the Right Dining Chair Size

Dining Chair Dimensions: How to Choose the Right Dining Chair Size

Whether you are thinking of changing your dining style to the contemporary style or you want chairs for your new dining piece, selecting the perfect chair size is essential. Continue reading this guide to know more about the dimensions of dining chairs and how to get the right chairs for the dining table.

Dining Chair Dimension

In this segment, we will be considering factors such as the height of the dining chair and the width of the chair.

  • Dining Chair Seat Height

When picking your dining chairs, the overall height of the chairs is not as important as the chair seat height. The height of the chair seat is described as the measurement of the chair seat from the floor to the top of the seat. This is a clear determinant of how the chair will fit perfectly and comfortably under the dining table.

The popular height of the dining chair seats ranges from 18 to 23 inches and 24 to 26 inches. This is because dining chairs are mostly paired with the common dining table models. The standard height of a table is between 28 and 30 inches, while the height of a counter or high table is between 34 and 36. You should pair tables with standard heights with 18 to 23 inches high chairs—pair counter tables with chair seats with 24 to 26 inches height. When choosing a chair for all tables, we advise that you choose a seat with at least twelve-inch space between the tabletop and the chair’s seat. If an apron is placed on the table, you should have at least a twelve-inch space between the apron’s bottom and the seat.

Your dining table should easily accommodate the arms of your chairs. It should be easy to slide the arm of the chair under the table. We advise that you select a chair that leaves about 7 inches of space between your table apron and the arm of the chair.

To be sure about the dining chair’s size and ensure that it perfectly fits your table, you should check the height of the chair’s arm under the “Dimensions and Weight” tab.


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  • D>Dining Chair Width


    The width of an average chair is 16 to 20 inches. To determine the size of the dining chair that will be perfect for your table, you must know that each visitor should have twenty-four to twenty-six inches of dining space and six inches of extra space between the dining chairs. This is for the elbow room and allows ease of movement around the table. To determine the number of chairs you need, you must measure the table’s length starting from the first to the last leg in inches. Then divide whatever you get32 inches.

    The chair’s arms may also add some inches to the entire width of the chair. If your space is small, you can go for armless chairs. You can combine armless chairs with arms. Place chairs with arms at the head and foot of the table and place armless chairs at the side of the table. This helps you manage the dining space.


    >Pro-Tip perfect measurement of the width of your dining chairs, you need to measure the chairs at the widest point. This is subject to the chair’s style. The widest point can mean the back or seat of the chair.

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