How Does House Cleaning in Australia Improve During Lockdown?

How Does House Cleaning in Australia Improve During Lockdown?

If there is a part of us that has been challenged when COVID-19 arises, it could be our mental health. The common trigger is when a lockdown takes place wherein authorities limit physical contact. Only a few of the households can go out to buy essentials which have been a struggle. It was like the world stopped for a while.

That being said, changes are inevitable in everyone’s daily routine due to restrictions. Spending a little time outdoors can make you think of discovering new things to do at home. These include starting a cleaning habit that helps to keep the house away from deadly viruses. For instance, Aussies found the days of the pandemic the best time to be extra hygienic making carpet cleaners in Fremantle more in demand.

Common House Cleaning Activities Amidst COVID-19

The pandemic may be the worst thing that could happen in years but it worked for good in Australia. It has to do with giving people more time to figure things out. These include putting much time into performing house chores which are then being overlooked.

COVID-19 taught people a lot of lessons, including the hardships and anxieties that it caused. Since physical activities matter to keep a person good sanity, the crisis could be the best wake-up call to stay active even when behind closed doors.

Many homeowners find cleaning as an escape from doing nothing the whole day. Plenty of houses look neater and have freed up space due to decluttering. The experts also approve of cleaning as a form of therapy for reducing anxiety.

Here is a list of activities most Aussies do in their free time:

1. Gardening

Half of the households in Australia find interest in making the lawn. It is a breath of fresh air to have a yard full of plants, is it?

Owning a huge backyard is a good reason to build a new hobby. Gardening is an easy skill that anyone can enjoy even with less knowledge about plants. Taking care of plants is suitable for mental health and it will benefit you in the long run. No one knows when this pandemic will end, so at least you can grow your vineyard.

The demand for gardening gloves likewise increases as Aussie men find them convenient to wear. It also protects their hands from injuries while dealing with thorns and other elements.

2. Decluttering


As men prefer fixing the garden, decluttering is something Aussie women would do. People seem busier before the pandemic because they do not have time to check on their belongings. This results in keeping items with no value making the home space tighter.

1 out of 4 family members may decide to deep clean the house. This is a happy chore to do, especially when you see objects that could bring back memories. It is better not to finish the task in a day and leave something you can fix in the next few days.

3. Recreate Outdoor Spaces

Apart from gardening, most Aussies chose to enhance their outdoor spaces. This is to allow kids to play around and get some fresh air. Making this area safe will require taking off the garden waste and tall grasses. It can be an ideal space for family gatherings amidst COVID-19.

Why Do Aussies Hate Bathroom Cleaning?

Though a huge percentage of Aussies dedicate their time to house cleaning, some chores still terrify them. These include:

1. Bathroom Cleaning

Chances are many will be using the bathroom that could appear gross each day. This is the most hated thing to do in Australia. Among the reasons why are the bad odor and the extra level of cleaning bathrooms demand.

2. Floor Cleaning

Vacuuming the floor may seem a simple task but requires lots of energy to finish the entire surface. It also consumes energy that will add up to your monthly expenses.

However, carpet cleaners in Fremantle can help keep your floors free of dust and dirt. They use a special machine and cleaning agents to deliver the best possible outcome. There are various methods ideal for carpets to extend their lifespan, including dry, steam, and bonnet cleaning.

3. Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is among the busiest spots at home in this pandemic. If the household has discovered a habit to cook, then it would require lots of cleaning. It will be as gross as the bathroom when not cleaned immediately.

Some Changes in Cleaning Habits

Performing house chores has no gender. In Australia, the duty is mostly donewomen wherein only 6% ask for professional help. This stays the same during the pandemic but the only difference is the increased need for disinfection.

Many are scared to get sick and very anxious about dealing with dirt and other bacteria. As a result, there is an urge to clean houses regularly and every after a huge gathering. It is also true in workplaces wherein half of the employees decide to sanitize the area before going back. Experts will do the cleaning to disinfect all the corners.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, COVID-19 teaches people a lot in terms of proper hygiene. Its major advantage is that Aussies and other locals start doing house chores. They become more concerned about maintaining cleanliness to prevent the spread of the virus.

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