Club Flyers Vs. Tv Ads: Which Is Better For Promoting A Business?

Every business owner knows the significance of marketing. Thus, they use different strategies to promote their companies. Some use the influence of media while others distribute club flyers. But which method is more effective? Read this article further to learn more about these strategies.

Pros and Cons of Using TV Ads

Many people believe that TV commercials are the most powerful marketing technique. No matter how busy the person is, he still has time to watch TV shows. Thus, entrepreneurs take this opportunity to advertise their business. They hire ad agencies that can help them create TV commercials. If they have a budget, they can also ask a celebrity to endorse their business so they can influence their fans to try a product or visit the company.


However, you must have a big budget if you want to use it as your marketing tool. Hence, if your business is just starting or small, then this technique is not the best option.

Others use the internet, taking out adverts on browsers. This has proved very popular with courier services  as users can book their parcel to Spain instantly after seeing their instant quote. However for promoting a future event flyer are perect.

Pros and Cons of Club Leaflets

The good thing about club brochures is that it gives small-time entrepreneurs an opportunity to promote their business without spending too much money. Since it only uses pieces of paper, you don’t have to hire a talent to promote an event or a business. You just need to look for a competent printing service like the Printing VIP to start the process. Another advantage is you can distribute the flyers personally to your target market. Hence, if they have questions about your business, you can answer them right away. They don’t have to call your office and wait for your response.

If there is a disadvantage, it’s probably they will throw it away, or they will keep it in the cabinet. If they do the latter action, you still have hope that they will see it again.

Which Is the Best Marketing Technique?

No doubt, that these strategies are effective. It all comes down to your budget and target market. If your target market is the senior citizen, it is better if you use the media approach. The same thing goes for the kids since they get attracted to the images that they see on TV.

However, if your target market is the youth, then you can use the club leaflets. Apart from the cost you can save, you will also get the youth’s attention since they are the ones who go out often. You just have to make your leaflets more alive so you can catch their attention.

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