Planning An Efficient Sharing Of The Work

When painting it is possible to have a scenario where you have nothing to do, even though you have a lot of things pending, but nothing is ready for the next process. The work flow has to be efficient. You should always be asking yourself, what can be dried while I’m doing this? Go to Renaissance Professional Painter for more.

Classification: Ceilings, walls, details. The primary focus in the beginning is to save some color for painting the ceiling. If the ceiling does not need to be prepared, you can move on to the next wall. While you have finished the ceiling, the walls are likely to dry out and you can apply a second layer of color (if necessary). While waiting to dry the ceiling and walls, you can deal with the details around windows, doors, sockets, lighting and so on. Always use the motto “The ceiling, the walls, the details of” how to organize your business and effectively managing their time.

Maintenance squares: Another important aspect of your current job is to maintain the square, which means you will end up at the point where you can continue later. It also means the maintenance of all elements in the room on a relative level may end. Using the previous example, if you move to the preparation process of the details, you may spoil the whole thing. But if you have enough time to wait, you can do the details around the windows. At the end of the day, the ceiling will be finished, the walls and the small details should be painted too. The next focus is on the walls and finishing details. This is an effective division of projects.
When you have prepared an efficient work space and organize business and yourself in the best possible way, you need to devote yourself to the procedures and techniques of painting the interior.

PREPARING THE SURFACE Walls and ceilings

The basic preparatory action for the internal painting surface includes wall and ceiling surfaces for a new finish.

Smoothing walls and ceilings

To cover the existing holes on the walls, dirt and grease on surfaces in the interior and prevent damage to our newly whitewashed room, all you have to do is smooth the damaged area. The first thing you need to do before the smoothing process is to prepare the surface. If the wall is stained or dirty, it is very important to clean it, and for the job it is recommended to use potassium soap dissolved in warm water. After cleaning and drying the surface, you can proceed.

Make sure you don’t ruin the furniture with your new project because it will cost you a lot. And if you spill painting on the furniture be sure that it will be destroyed. Do all the necessary things to protect your home and furniture and then continue with the process.

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