Types of Hardwood Species Suitable for Flooring

Choosing the kind of wood in your flooring is not just like any wood. Wooden floors are not just being measured on its physical. It must be suitable and the quality is super in every element. For starters, it’s hard to tell which is which is good for flooring. If you’re living in a city or a suburban, you are totally clueless unless you’re naturally living in the woods. Rather, consult for a hardwood expert that would help you to come up a wooden solution.

Getting to Know With Wood

So basically, the hardness of wood is not the same as it classifies only as hard but it varies widely. Surprisingly, even some hardwood species cannot withstand the heavy wear and tear and some unexpected situations that would lead the wood to break. Each specie of the wood has unique cellular structures that could determine what its suitable use for. So the best option, you must know the grade of the wood. The grade of the wood has something to do with the quality measurement of the wood.

The Right Wood Specie

According from the National Wood Flooring Association, there are things to consider and it depends upon you how you can determine the kind of flooring you want, including these are your style, budget, and personal preference. There are more than 50 wood species, domestic and imported, that you can choose to achieve the look and the quality.

If you are still unsure, better look for a reference like the Janka scale. This would help you to determine wood hardness and measures the resistance of wood to denting and wear.

Some wood species can define all your thoughts and hesitations.

Hardwood species like oak (white & red), maple, cherry, hickory, ash, walnut and black acacia are definitely best for flooring. It’s great to install in living room area and foyer where there are constant people activities and could stand the test of time. These hardwoods are rated in Janka scale as over 1000, which means the higher the rate, the hard it will be. Unlike some wood species that are under 1000.

Some quality exotic wood species that you can choose are the following: Amendoim, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, Kempas, Timborana, Brazilian Teak, Tiete Chestnut, Brazilian Walnut, Tiete Rosewood, and Merbau.

In general, leave all the installations to some experts and professional wood installers. But, you still can opt for planks that already lock together offeredsome manufacturers and can be installed without glue. Lesser work it is!

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