Why You Can Choose White Clover To Plant In Your Garden?

We normally have our own reasons for planting any plant in a garden may it be fruit tress since they give us fruit or it can be flowering plants which give beautiful looking flowers for our garden increased beauty. Thus you can actually choose to plant white clover as an alternative for your grass in your garden or at certain areas where you do not want to plant regular grass. Here are some of the reasons you might find useful and convincing enough to plant white clover;

Less weeds developing around your grassy patch:

Often with regular grass, you will find that other unwanted weeds grow around and thus spread on the surrounding plants or walls which are not only awful to look at but also bring in more insects. White clover being spread and dominating kind of plant, will not allow many weeds to grow or spread around the space and thus keeping your walls clean.

Can withstand drought conditions:

Often you might be too busy to water your plants and often forget to water your plants which can be good news for your white clover as it can absorb water before giving it to the soil below and thus keep on the leaves. Thus even if a drought comes in the area, you may be happy that your white clover will be intact and thus ready to greet you with greens.

They can help you grow other fruits:

This is because they attract bees which are the experts in pollinating and thus will help in the flowering or growing of other plants in your garden. Although, you have to be careful if you see the bees as they can hurt you at times if you go near them. Anyway this ensures that your garden can flourish better if you are not around and still want your garden to be healthy and flowery.

Fixing nitrogen in the soil bed:

Often the amounts of nitrogen in the soil bed are more or less which leads to wrong or poor growth of many plants and grass etc. White clover fixes the amount of nitrogen in the soil up to the quantities that are requiredthe growth of many plants in the soil particularly if you have other plants planted in the same soil patch. Thus this should be in your list to plant it.

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