The Setup Of Your Media Room

The Setup Of Your Media Room

Media is such an important part of our lives today. Even when we get together with friends, oftentimes we engage in activities which are involving a screen. So, why not take things to the next level? If you already host game nights or gaming parties at your home, maybe it’s time to give the living room couch a break and dedicate a special place in your house for the media-related activities. This room is similar to a home theatre, but it’s much cheaper to build, and it serves many other purposes. After you’ve decided on the room you won’t have your small media heaven in your house it is time to get on with the setup. Let’s see which are the things you need to consider when you’re setting up a media room in your house.

Build Up An AV Rack

One of the most ignored features of a media room is the component rack, but this can make the difference between a good room and a messy one. I’ve seen so many guys building their man caves without an AV rack, which makes it so that they always step over consoles and trip on cables. The AV rack is the place that holds all your media sources in the same place. Your gaming console, your DVD player, and your sound amplifier are all here, neatly organized and safe from accidents. So, start with this rack and then move on with the rest.

Speaker Placement

The sound in your media room is going to make the difference. For this, you will need a home theatre system, which is most of the time, a 5.1 system. That means you will have five speakers that need to be arranged in a certain way. Don’t just stick them all in a corner. Check the acoustic plan that the manufacturer includes in the instruction and choose the perfect spot in the room for every speaker. Also, a good thing to remember is to always have your speakers 20 inches away from the wall. Don’t attach the speakers to the wall. Otherwise, the reverb will mess up with the quality of the sound.

Choose The Right Display

Choosing the right display is simple. Just get the best image quality you can afford, but don’t go overboard with the size. There is such a thing as a too big display. You should get a display that fits the size of your room and fits comfortable in your field of view from the distance from the sitting area.  You don’t want to be watching a movie on Netflix or YesPornPlease and miss the details that are happening in the corner of your display.

There are many other gadgets you can add to your room. Ambiental LED lighting will make a great difference and so will a webcam that you can attach on top of the TV. A webcam can turn your media room into a video conference room instantly, will make your Skype calls with your buddies much more entertaining, and you can even have some fun time on CamSoda on your big screen if you’re the MrPornGeek type of guy and you like your adult entertainment at top quality.

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