What Room In Your House Will Make A Great Media Room

What Room In Your House Will Make A Great Media Room

Long before the TV and the internet was a thing, people used to take their entertainment from books. Some have impressive bookshelves in their living room, but others used to build a study or a small library in their house. It was the room where they went to unwind, and it was often also used for entertaining guests. The Study was in time replaced by the man-cave, which is pretty fun, but it’s not as classy. If you want a room in your house where you can have fun and host game parties or a gaming night, you should start thinking about setting up a media room.

Choosing The Room

If you don’t have enough available space in your home to set up a dedicated media room, the living room will do. You just need some adjustments, and you’re all set. But in most cases, people choose separate rooms for this purpose. That’s because the media room often features special lighting, a different type of furniture. We recommend that room in your house with not too much lighting. The media room won’t need natural lighting. You can even set it up in your basement if you can spare the space.

Windows And Walls

The main focus in a media room is the big screen you’ll install in there. And for the best viewing experience, you need no other source of strong light to mess up with the quality of the image. You will need to take care of the windows. Hard blinders or a thick drape will do just fine. Another issue is the walls. If the walls in your room are hard concrete, you might want to think of some changes. Concrete walls are bad resonators, and the quality of the sound in your media room will suffer because of that. But the solutions are simple. Setting up drywall covers is one of the solutions, or you can even carpet the walls with sound-absorbing foam panels, which are much cheaper. These are also excellent if you plan on building a media room in an apartment because you also have to think about the neighbors.

These are the things you need to consider before starting to set up your media room. In another article, we’ll talk about the gear that you’ll need to equip your room with. I know that it might seem a bit too much to dedicate an entire room of your house for this purpose. But trust me when I say that it is worth it. Just imagine how cool it will be to invite your buddies over for a movie or a game night. Or how lit your FIFA or MADDEN game nights will be. You can even use the room by yourself, even in the intimate moments. Do you think playing the best porn games on your computer is exciting? Wait until you play the best sex games on a massive screen, with ambient LED lights on and quality sound.