Showers: 4 Types for Your Next Remodel

Showers: 4 Types for Your Next Remodel

Bathroom Showers

An attractive shower will add to the esthetic elegance of your bathroom. When you start your bathroom renovations, there are several types of showers to pick from, and we can assist you in choosing one that suits all your needs. Let’s look at the various types of bathroom showers.

Electric Showers

You can install electric showers in any home. They are among the most commonly bought showers in current times and contain a built-in component that heats the water. As such, they tend to operate independently, and you can have a hot or warm water shower even if your boiler has problems.

Even when someone turns on other hot water taps in the house, the water temperature in these showers does not get affected. They are energy-efficient because they heat water when you need it. Additionally, they do not heat an entire tank, meaning that there is minimal energy wastage.

The only area of concern will be limescale build-up if you use hard water. If that happens, it can prevent the shower element from heating the water properly.

Power Shower

These showers have a built-in pump, ensuring that you get water at the correct pressure even if your house has a low-pressure water system. Anyone with a gravity-fed water system can install a power shower. Hotels, spas, and bungalows can rely on these showers.

Ideally, it combines water from both the hot and cold water supplies. A mixer valve blends the water, meaning that the water that reaches the shower outlet will be at the perfect temperature.

One of the significant disadvantages of power showers is their high water consumption.

Mixer Showers

Typically, a mixer shower draws water from the cold and hot water inlets and mixes it. You get to set the optimum temperature of the water that the unit sends out through the showerhead. There is a valve or handle attached to facilitate adjustment of temperature.

Mixer showers come in different types like concentric, sequential, single lever, and dual control. We can advise you on the one to buy, based on your remodeling needs.

Digital Showers

Digital showers combine all the advantages of electric, mixer, and power showers. It uses the most recent technology and can enable you to choose your preferred water temperature, pressure, and volume. You control everything on the dashboard.

Another exciting feature is that it has a separate control unit that enables you to control the water temperature and pressure remotely. The control unit communicates with the shower via a wireless connection or electric cable.

As such, this shower enables you to safeguard your family members against scalding or thermal shock. This can be an ideal shower in a home with elderly people or small kids.

Final Word

Before you settle on any type of shower for your house, always consider the safety aspect. Do not choose a shower that will put you and your family at risk of thermal shock and scalding. Your choice should always aim at minimizing the chances of these hazards occurring.  If your interested in a quote please feel free to contact DMV Kitchen & Bath with any question regarding your next bathroom project.