Handheld Shower Head Features Size and More

Handheld Shower Head Features Size and More

Choosing the right handheld shower head can be overwhelming. You can find so many different features and options. To make the process easier, this product guide is a great resource. Listed below are some of the most popular types:

Lowes Hand Held Shower Head

When comparing Lowes hand held shower heads, look at their features. The cheapest ones are generally very basic, providing very basic support. Higher-end models have additional features such as improved accuracy and speed, and they also offer a sweet view.


The AquaCare hand shower features an advanced 8-setting 5-zone Powerhead, with Self-clean Anti-clog Nozzles to prevent clogging and dirt buildup inside the hand shower. It’s also madetop shower experts, so you can feel good about purchasing it.

This Lowes hand held shower head includes a solid brass bracket hanger with a smooth control lever. This one also includes an 11-inch extension arm that keeps it away from the wall. The wand includes a valve that lets you adjust the angle and height of the shower head. A free-spinning locking collar allows it to be tightened in the proper position.

Delta’s UltraSoak 52460

One of the most attractive aspects of Delta’s 52460 handheld shower head is its patented internal-components design, which mimics the density of raindrops. The 52460 features three spray patterns, pause settings and 15 different flow combinations. The Silk spray was feather-soft against the face. The handle is also light, flimsy and a little too large for my liking.

This Delta shower head comes with many useful features, including multifunction and rain spray patterns. It also has a metal ball that swivels up to 44 degrees and is corrosion-resistant. For those who want a more contemporary look, the 52460 has the Raindrop pattern. It is also available with a square head.

Moen Attract Magnetix Chrome Rainshower Combo

If you’re considering a new showerhead, the Moen Attract Magnetix Chrome Rainhead Combo has all the features you could want in a luxury SUV. If you have limited space, you can also choose a handheld shower, which features a different style and size than a fixed one.

If you’re looking for a wider showerhead, the Moen Attract Magnetix 26008 may be the right choice for you. With a large size of 6.75 inches3.75 inches, this showerhead offers a powerful stream of water.

Nebia 7.9-Inch Rain Shower

The shower head utilizes atomizing nozzles to deliver water to its users in a concentrated mist. The smaller droplets mean that the coverage is much wider than a traditional shower head. It also uses far less water than most standard showerheads. If you rent a home, this shower head is also easy to remove.

Another feature of the Nebia 7.9-inch rain shower head is its high pressure. Moen engineers made it to provide double the water coverage compared to other shower heads. This technology allows for an atomization of the water, which gives the shower an extra dose of warmth. In addition to that, it uses 45% less water. So, it doesn’t waste any water.

Kohler Freespin Bellerose 3-Spray Dual Showerhead Combo

It comes with five spray settings, a four-inch-wide face, and rub-clean jets. A combination model like this one allows you to choose from three spray patterns. The two spray heads can rotate independently, and the magnetic handheld lock allows you to position the showerheads in any direction you want.

With three spray settings, this showerhead offers a unique experience. You can choose a full-coverage rain shower, a pulsating massage, or a luxurious silk spray. The pause feature allows you to stop the water flow and enjoy a more soothing shower.


The Forte handheld shower head has a 5.5-inch diameter and comes in six different finishes, including French gold. It has three spray patterns, while other shower heads may have more, but the Forte is more flexible. It features pulsating massage spray, dense and fine mists, and a smooth transition between the three modes.


It has six different finishes, is easy to clean, and is resistant to mineral buildup. It’s available in six different colors and can screw off the pipe to fit different shower angles. Besides being able to adjust to various angles, it’s also easy to clean, too.

The Forte handheld shower head features a five-inch diameter and three spray settings. The spray is feather-soft on the face, but still strong enough to rinse hair and remove shampoo. This showerhead is easy to install. It has a diverter knob on the center that allows you to switch between the handheld and fixed mount modes.

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