Compound Hyde Park: Live the Best Life that You Deserve!

Compound Hyde Park: Live the Best Life that You Deserve!

About Compound Hyde Park

Hyde Park Developments launched one of its latest projects that is distinguish from the other projects and that’s because of Hyde Park New Cairo.

The compound is characterized with its own perfect location, the outstanding designs, the magnificent landscapes that gives positive vibes, the diversity in units and the flexible payment plans.

As the developer was seeking to develop a full-service compound that gains the satisfaction of the residents and promotes a better lifestyle for them.

Location of Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park is located in New Cairo where is in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically on the main 90th Street which considered as a strategic location.

As the project is extremely close to many important landmarks in New Cairo, and also being minutes away from Cairo International Airport, Central Ring Road and New Administrative Capital.

Compound Hyde Park Units

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The Compound offers different categories of residential units where each category offers varying spaces; apartments, duplexes, standalone villas, twin houses and townhouses.

  • Hyde Park is provided with spaces of the apartments that can start from 135 m² while the three bedrooms apartment are available with areas of 187, 199 and 207 square meters.
  • The starting space of duplex apartments units in Hyde Park New Cairo with is from 200 m² and 211 m².
  • While the space of townhouse villas can start from 213 m² up to 300 m², spaces of twin houses villas start from 380 m² up to 440 m²
  • And for the standalone villas in within the compound have a space of up to 378 m.

In addition to, Hyde Park New Cairo provides commercial units that have variety in spaces of units that are available in the compound start from 52 m² up to 1387 m².

Prices of Compound Hyde Park

Hyde Park is setting the best and most affordable prices with providing the huge number of facilities that promotes the best life for its residents.

And that’s all for maintain a good relationship with their loyal customers, here’s some of the special prices that fit all the customers:

  • The starting price of the apartments in Hyde Park range is from 2,465,000 EGP and the price can reach up to 4,170,000 EGP.
  • While the price of duplex apartments starts from 3,600,000 and can reach up to 4,000,000 EGP.
  • And for the price of the townhouses in the compound ranges between 6,000,000 EGP and 7,800,000 EGP while the twin Houses ranges between 9,500,000 and 10,400,000 EGP.
  • Meanwhile, the price of Hyde Park standalone villas starts from 9,330,000 EGP.
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