Maintaining the Hygiene of Vinyl Floor Waste

Maintaining the Hygiene of Vinyl Floor Waste

A good way to maintain the hygiene of a vinyl floor waste is to keep it clean and sanitary. The Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit is made of durable ABS and features a chrome plated brass vinyl floor waste grate. You can push it into a PVC or HDPE pipe and clean it with a cleaning solution. Use a white vinegar solution diluted in water, or rubbing alcohol for mild disinfectant purposes. Once you’re finished cleaning, you can use the Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit to dispose of any sanitary waste.

Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit

The MAG (79050-ABS) Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit is designed to push into PVC or HDPE pipe. The grate is made of chrome-plated brass and has an ABS body for durability. To clean it, simply use a cleaning solution, such as white vinegar diluted in water, or rubbing alcohol as a mild disinfectant. If you want to use something more aggressive, you can also try bleach.

For older baths and showers, gravity waste will work. The waste outlets for vinyl floors will be square or round. You can purchase coordinating waste and drainage outlets online, to match the rest of your bathroom flooring. Make sure to use them together with a shower waste pump to keep your floor clean and dry. The Easy Clean vinyl floor waste Kit will save you a lot of time and money in the long run!

If you have a stain on your vinyl floor, you can apply a paste of baking soda and water to the spot. This will dissolve the stain and leave a smooth finish. You can also apply olive oil to minor scuff marks. If the stain is too deep, you may need to replace the tile. Baking soda is also a great option for cleaning vinyl floors. It is mildly abrasive and can lift even the toughest stains.

While buying Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit is not a must-have, it can help you save moneyreducing your expenses on cleaning your floors. It is convenient to purchase online and Home Depot will even deliver your order whenever you need it. The EPA has also approved Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit for its effectiveness and ease of use. It makes cleaning a breeze. You can also use the product for commercial cleaning. This product is backeda comprehensive warranty and 24×7 customer support.

Soak your furniture in the cleaner before dragging it across your floor. In high-traffic areas, place rugs or other furniture with felt pads to prevent scratching. Also, avoid dragging heavy items across your vinyl floor. It could be difficult to clean. If you do, use felt-pads or rugs to protect them from scratches.


Environmentally Friendly

Another great feature of Easy Clean Vinyl Floor Waste Kit is that it is environmentally friendly. It is made of recycled vinyl and is made of 100% recyclable material. It also comes with a collection container that collects the waste. Unlike natural stone, vinyl floors are very easy to clean. The vinyl material does not stain or require drying. You can also simply sweep the floor and hose it down with water. The process should take no more than 5 minutes.

Gravity Waste Outlets For Wet Room Situations

If you’re planning to install a wet room or are just replacing your existing one, Gravity waste outlets are the ideal solution. These outlets allow you to drain water away from the area below the floor while minimizing the amount of intrusion. Whether you’re installing a floor former, screed, or concrete, these outlets will fit perfectly.

If you’re laying a concrete or timber floor, you’ll need to buy a corresponding waste and shower drain. The hardest part of building a wet room is installing the drain pipe. Use a concrete breaker to cut a channel through the floor and dig a hole for the waste outlet. You’ll need a drain channel that has a larger drainage capacity than the shower flow. If the floor does not have a soil pipe, you’ll need a pump. You’ll also need a waterproof tanking membrane kit.


You’ll also need to install a drainage outlet if you’re planning on using a vinyl floor. These outlets come in both round and square shapes. Choose a design that matches the tiled floor. To prevent water from seeping into the floor, you can use a square or rectangular drain outlet that’s designed for wet room installations. To match the flooring in your bathroom, you can find coordinating drainage outlets and waste pumps on the internet.

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