Time to Consider a Home Extension

Property extensions not only provided a practical solution to homeowners but they provided unlimited inspiration. Basic changes and additions to a home triggered astonishing results, adding real value to properties while allowing homeowners to work with experienced builders and designers to take charge of their properties. From start to finish, they were able to create something completely unique on their existing properties without the need to pack up and move elsewhere. No matter what homeowners chose to do with the added space, they enjoyed real and lasting benefits from the decision to expand their homes.


One of the biggest reasons that homeowners chose to create additions to their homes was to bolster the value of the properties. In the current property market, many could not manage to relocate or avoid the pressure of both selling and acquiring an entirely new property simultaneously. For many more, they felt happy with their city and location and simply wanted more space to enjoy a roomier lifestyle, making the choice to expand more cost-effective and less stressful in the long run. They also enjoyed greater value to their homes when they did eventually choose to sell, allowing them to return nearly all of their investments with the closing price. Other options not only barely added to a property’s value but homeowners often saw none of their investments returned. In short, extensions in Perth offered more than a few benefits in regard to home valuation.

More Space

The second biggest reason that homeowners chose to extend was to add much-needed room to existing properties. This was the most obvious benefit of the choice and many took advantage of the space for offices, play areas for the children, additional bedrooms, and nearly anything else they could imagine. House extensions did more than generate new space; they redesigned superfluous space and made it more efficient. Many people chose to convert their lofts and basements into added areas in their homes and conversions usually tended to be simpler to get permission for and also helped save money on heating costs.

Saved Money

Compared to the cost of moving into brand-new homes, even smaller ones, homeowners stood to save dramatic amounts of money by simply expanding. Often, this allowed them to upgrade other key areas of their homes such as the bathrooms and kitchens without touching half of the cost associated with a new property. The money saved not only made the choice easier but allowed homeowners to ease their financial burdens while still gaining the space they needed.

Comforts of Home

Many homeowners chose to expand over moving simply because they could not stand the idea of leaving their homes. Many homeowners choose to live in houses for generations, making each nook and cranny of the house something to cherish and keep around. For this reason alone, extension proved the best and most effective option. That way, growing families could remain in the homes they loved for years longer before moving. At the end of the day, most homeowners agreed that the extension was the best idea for their needs.