What Kind of Fencing is the Best for a Pool Area?

One of the ways to enhance the area around your pool is to choose a fence made of glass. If you live in Australia, you know how important pool activities are in this part of the world. However, as much fun as it is to swim and splash in a pool, accidents still happen, especially where children are concerned.

A glass pool fence is the best kind of fence to install, as it allows you to more easily monitor your children. This type of transparent barrier is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also increases safety and security. If you have children then, a glass pool fence allows you to keep an unobstructed eye on your children. Therefore, if you do not want your line of sight restricted, you need to strongly consider having a glass fence installed around your pool.

A Strong and Durable Glass Material

Glass fencing is also surprisingly affordable. In addition, it requires little maintenance. If you choose a fence made of wood, then you may have to worry about discolouration or cracks. On the other hand, a fence made of metal can rust or corrode over time. Glass that is made for pool fencing is shatter-proof and crack-resistancecomparison. The manufacturer uses a material that is extra thick and strong, thereby making this type of fence highly resistant to damage.

An Impressive Upgrade

Needless to say, pool glass fencing in Perth also enhances the elegance, beauty, and style of your property. When this type of fence is installed, it has a resort effect. Therefore, people are immediately impressed when this form of fencing is placed around a pool area.

Frameless Fencing

Generally this type of fencing is supportedheavy-duty steel spigots. Tiles are also drilled for the spigots. The glass panels are then connected with the use of latches and hinges. The configuration is frameless. Therefore, you do not need to add any posts.

Semi-frameless Fencing

Fencing is also featured in a semi-frameless designs. This type of fence is supported with posts typically made of aluminium. The posts are usually square or rounded, and generally glazed for aesthetic purposes. All the glass that is used meets the safety regulations establishedthe Australian government.

Shipping the Panels

When the glass is made, the edges of the panels are rounded and polished to showcase a neat finish. The annealing process used to make the glass requires heating and cooling of the material. After this part of the process, a quality team checks for uniformity. In order to make sure the glass is protected during shipment, the panels are usually separated with cork whilst the corners are safeguarded with plastic sheets.

As part of Australian safety mandates, it is compulsory to fence a pool, whether it is located at a hotel or a residence. Again, glass fencing is suggested as it offers a clear view of the pool area. As noted, both frameless and semi-frameless fencing are currently available for installation.

If you want to make your pool area more appealing and safe, then you need to review the selections and services offered for glass fencing today.

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