The Versatility Of Copper Switch Plates

Switch Plates

If you’re looking to upgrade from your flat white switch plates, you have many options to choose from. There are numerous materials available with endless color and style options. But few materials have the same variety as copper. This material offers countless finishes and comes in more colors than you might imagine. If you think all copper is just a brownish, metallic finish, keep reading to learn just how much versatility this material can provide.

Vibrant Reds

If you’re looking for a bright, vibrant color to add to your walls, copper can come in shades of gorgeous red to put some pop in your space. Wine red copper is almost a solid red, with a beautiful crackle effect that adds some character to the color. Wildfire copper has a deep red base color, with speckles of black and gold that make it hard to look away. Autumn copper has a stunning swirl of reds and oranges, with just a black touch to create a lava-like effect.

Calming Blues

Did you know that copper can take on a blue hue with specific treatments? Azul copper features rich indigo and turquoise over areas of brown and the traditional copper color. Copper with a mystic topaz finish is very similar to Azul copper but has a more speckled appearance. These colors make a perfect complement to nautical themes and any other décor that features blue prominently in its design.

Refreshing Greens

You might have known that copper would turn green when it’s oxidized, but did you think that oxidized copper could be a beautiful color for decorating? Irish moss copper has a beautiful jade color with brown blooms that give it a nice, earthy feel. Verde copper has several green tones blended amid islands of color. The brownish hues and bright greens stand out against one another for a beautiful finish.

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Stripes and Spots

Color isn’t the only versatile feature of copper decorative switch plates. They can also come in different patterns, including stripes, spots, speckles, and waves. Bamboo forest copper and stellar copper have eye-catching lines, while sunburst copper has black speckles against a copper backdrop, similar to a wildcat’s coat. Flamed copper features beautiful waves of metallic shades reminiscent of a retro lava lamp.

If you’re looking for a material that will offer countless style and color options for your decorative switch plates, take a look at all that copper can offer. This sturdy material is sure to have plenty of choices so you can find something to suit your decorating style.