Some Standard Bathroom Flooring Options and Their Efficiency

Some Standard Bathroom Flooring Options and Their Efficiency

When selecting bathroom flooring, most homeowners focus on looking for a durable and attractive material, which best complements their personal style. However, there is one significant difference between flooring in other rooms and bathroom flooring. What is that difference? The bathroom flooring should be 100 waterproof. More so, finding flooring, which best caters to your needs should be your number one priority.

Shower steam can mist the bathroom at least once a day, or the water may splash from the sink, and the toilets can overflow. A wet bathroom is a norm in all honesty, and the water can havoc on the wrong kind of flooring. So, in your attempt to design the bathroom, your primary goal and biggest concern should be keeping it waterproof. So, here are some prominent flooring options and their effectiveness as bathroom flooring.


Want a flooring in the bathroom that looks like a driveway? Hold on to that thought.

In today’s time, concrete flooring for bathrooms is trendy. It can last you long and can be sealed against water.

For me, it has always been concrete flooring for bathrooms because a) you can find it in a myriad of tints and colors and b) it is waterproof,’ comments Rosy, a TAE representative who offers online accounting assignment help

Laminate Bathroom Flooring

Laminate bathroom flooring is a spectacular flooring material, but make sure you install it right. The base of this flooring is constructing with dense fiberboard. It would be best to exercise adequate care to ensure that the layer is not exposed to a lot of water.

The laminate flooring’s top layer is thin. It is composed of plastic-protectant. Amidst the top and the base layer is a thin resin-impregnated paper with different flooring material’s photographs.

Usually, this photograph paper layer is of marble or slate that are natural stones or cherry or oak, which are high-end natural hardwood.

Laminate can be employed to avail just any and every look you desire. The best thing about laminate matka flooring is that this is a pocket-friendly option. So, you can get a look at only a fraction of the cost of the real thing. In short, you can achieve a fab look and appeal at a great price.

There are two things that you need to bear in mind when employing laminate bathroom flooring. Firstly, you must always shop for laminate flooring from a reputed company that offers you a warranty to guard the protectant’s top layer.

Secondly, between every laminate piece, there should be tight seams. This is a prerequisite that you need to bear in mind during the laminate bathroom flooring installation. It is vital to curtail moisture from making its way down to the fiberboard layer.

Ceramic Tiles

Timeless in design and style, the ceramic tiles are indeed one of the most recommended flooring options for the bathroom and for way too many reasons. They need no polishing and are incredibly scratch-resistant. Beyond that, the ceramic tiles are easy to repair if broken or damaged. Further, the installation of ceramic tiles is quick and easy. You can find ceramic tiles in an array of patterns, textures, and colors.

‘I have installed anti-skid ceramic tiles in my bathroom because of their fire-proof properties and affordability,’ shares James, an online organic chemistry tutor

Another incredible thing about ceramic tiles is that they are easy to maintain, and their cleaning is effortless. All you have to do is wash it with water. You can even use a damp cloth and mop it.

Natural Stone

Attractive and durable, the natural stone speaks loudly of luxury. However, please know it is a pricey alternative and is also not very waterproof. You need to release softer materials, such as limestone and travertine, every few years. On the other hand, the harder stones, such as granite and marble, can last you for half a decade before re-sealing them. For anyone who loves and can afford natural stone and does not mind refreshing every once in a while, it is indeed a great way to surge your home’s resale value.

Similar to ceramic and porcelain, the natural stone will feel cold on the touch. However, you can get rid of this problem with underfloor heating. Also, please note similar to porcelain and ceramic, even natural stone is quite slippery. So, opt for picking a stone, which has been tumbled or honed, instead of polished. Alternatively, you can even go with something that has been textured with sandblasting. You can also find naturally textured stones in the market, like slates.

Solid Hardwood Bathroom Flooring

Franchesca, an educator who offers online take my online class for me services, says, ‘I have solid hardwood bathroom flooring in my home and office. For me, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bathroom flooring options that I have come across.’

Of course, it is beautiful, but is it the right pick for your bathroom? In all honesty, the solid hardwood may not be the right pick. Despite the wear resistance and the natural warmth of solid hardwood, it does not do well in areas with a lot of moisture – your bathroom.

When solid hardwood comes in contact with excessive-high humidity, it can contract and expand. The material tends to absorb every drop of water that comes in contact with it. Consequently, it can lead to buckling or swelling. So, should you have it at your home? Well, you can if you have a rarely used guest bathroom or a half bath. You should never install solid hardwood flooring in a bathroom with a bathtub or a shower, which is used regularly.

Please hire professionals to install the bathroom flooring if you insist on going with this one. Also, ensure that there must never be any gaps for the moisture to seep in.

Porcelain Tiles

The last one on our list is porcelain tiles. It adds a luxe dimension to the entire bathroom experience. This is an excellent choice in bathroom flooring because it is durable and tough. The porcelain tiles are even harder than granite. Additionally, these are scratch-resistant tiles and very easy to maintain and clean. However, the installation can be tricky and time-consuming, but trust our word – it will be worth it. These tiles can look good as new even after several years of use.

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